Zero Nicotine – the Quit Smoking Patch

Zero Nicotine – the Quit Smoking Patch

Zero Nicotine - quit smoking patch - all-natural, no nicotine

The Zero Nicotine Quit Smoking Patch contains no nicotine yet, through its proprietary herbal formula, mimics the properties of nicotine. It effectively fools your brain receptors into thinking it is receiving nicotine while it concurrently emits properties to calm and relax you so that withdrawal from smoking cigarettes is reduced and then eliminated. The desire to quit smoking will not happen overnight when you begin a Zero Nicotine Quit Smoking regimen. However, your desire to smoke will diminish with each passing day because the nicotine level will decrease.

In short, Zero Nicotine Quit Smoking Patches combat these three smoking variables:

  1. Nicotine addiction;
  2. Symptoms associated with cigarette smoking withdrawal;
  3. nicotine toxicity.

Your job is to combat the 4th variable – the habit of smoking cigarettes – on your own but the sedative properties of Zero Nicotine will help you in this regard.

We consider Zero Nicotine Quit Smoking Patches to be an effective Quit Smoking Aid because it also contains antioxidant ingredients that help to detoxify the bloodstream of nicotine and toxic cigarette tobacco ingredients. It also decreases cravings to smoke cigarettes, lowers anxiety levels while promoting tranquility and curbs hunger pangs so you won’t gain weight.

Why Zero Nicotine Is A Quit Smoking Patch

Zero Nicotine - quit smoking patch - all-natural, no nicotine

A quit smoking patch releases the active ingredients into the bloodstream quicker than a pill, capsule, lozenge or gum. It also does not get in the way of your daily regimen, i.e., work, exercise, showering. Each patch is useful for 3 days and can be placed in inconspicuous places on your body. You can’t forget to take it because it’s already there. For ease of application, try to apply the quit smoking patch to areas of your body that are hairless. If you want to quit smoking now, Quit Smoking Hub recommends Zero Nicotine as a preferred alternative.

Quit Smoking Hub also recommends these all-natural, nicotine-free quit smoking aids:

  • Finally Free of Nicotine
  • Nicocure Pills

Zero Nicotine Quit Smoking Patch Ingredients

Gotu Kola relaxes the body, improves memory and concentration, increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and increases liver function.

Hops are used as sedatives and muscle relaxants yielding calmness and diminished cravings for cigarettes.

Skullcap is used to combat headache, nervousness, anxiety and supports the nervous system.

Oat also is used to combat fatigue, and anxiety. It is also an antioxidant.

Zero Nicotine - quit smoking patch - all-natural, no nicotine

Peppermint stimulates blood circulation and also calms nerves. Used to rejuvenate the mind and body. One of the more important effects, though, is that Peppermint acts as an expectorant by clearing the lungs of mucous allowing for easier breathing.

Ginger Root provides needed essential vitamins and minerals such as protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. It also remedies upset stomach, indigestion, cramps, and chills (which could be a quitting smoking withdrawal symptom).

Gentian improves circulation and stimulates the body to produce gastric juices, bile, and saliva. Gentian improves thyroid function and is a treatment for ulcers.

Myrrh is an antiseptic and astringent and treats coughs and asthma.

Safflower reduces the frequency of coughing, treats bronchial conditions and stimulates the immune system.

Eucalyptus treats asthma and other respiratory conditions. Like Myrrh, it is an antiseptic and expectorant but it is also a stimulant. Eucalyptus oil possesses healing properties and can treat lung conditions, colds, and sore throats.

Slippery Elm is good to take to eliminate coughs and to boost the immune system. Slippery Elm is also a purifier which gathers dissolved toxic waste and helps to get rid of it.

Licorice Root relieves colds, coughs, and sore throats. It is also boosts the liver’s ability to filter toxic metabolic substances in the body. It also combats depression and fatigue. Alfalfa is just a good source of balanced nutrition.

Alfalfa is known to reduce heart and respiratory problems, prevent fluid buildup and relieve high blood pressure.

Passion Flower is a relaxant that produces a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Sarsaparilla promotes circulation, boosts energy levels and helps to eliminate toxins from the blood.

Bayberry also promotes circulation and combats bacterial infections, coughs, colds, flu, fevers, headache, and sore throat.

Echinacea Powder combats colds and flu-like illnesses. For smokers, it helps the body resist cravings for cigarettes and boosts the immune system.

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