Women’s Leather Wallets That Make Your Life Easier

If you’re a manufacturer of fashion clothing and accessories, I don’t imagine that it’s easy to keep up with the latest styles. Styles and trends change constantly, sometimes in the same year. If you’re a wallet designer, it’s become a bit more challenging: not only does the designer have to keep up with changing styles but also with changing technology. This is where we’ve personally found WalletBe to excel.

For years, WalletBe has consistently designed one of the more interesting lines of women’s leather wallets. The mission of WalletBe, from the start, has been to design wallets that are fun, functional, and fashionable – with an accent on compact and thin, if the wallet design fits the lifestyle demands of their customers. And it seems that their latest line of women’s leather wallets are a perfect representation of that vision, specifically the two new leather smartphone wallets and the croco leather accordion wallet (referred to as the cash-card-coin accordion wallet).

Women's Leather Wallets - The Cash-Card-Coin Accordion Wallet
Cash-Card-Coin Accordion Wallet

The Women’s Croco Leather Smartphone Wallet and Pebbled Leather Smartphone Wallet are made with fine Italian leather, hold ALL SIZES of Smartphones including the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry, contain more card slots (10 total), an expanded coin purse, and come with a shoulder strap AND wristlet so women can wear them as clutch purses. The shoulder strap allows women to wear the smartphone wallets off the shoulder or cross-body. Additionally, there is an outer ID slot with a hidden curtain, an elastic cash slot that faces you, and a dual zipper for easy access. Truly, women’s leather wallet originals.

The other women’s leather wallet that excels in design and functionality is the Cash-Card-Coin Accordion Wallet with Wristlet. The wristlet, as in each of their women’s leather wallet designs, is detachable so it can be worn in the palm on your hand, inside a larger handbag, or as a clutch purse. This new women’s leather accordion wallet is made with Italian croco embossed two-toned leather, keeps you organized, and fits into any handbag. There are additional card slots (10 total), a secure inner elastic slot for cash, a double-gusseted expanded coin purse, and a convenient outer ID with a hidden curtain.

Women's Leather Wallets - Smartphone Accordion Wallet - Croco Leather
Women's Smartphone Accordion Wallet (Croco)
Women's Leather Wallets - Smartphone Accordion Wallet - Pebbled Leather
Women's Smartphone Accordion Wallet (Pebbled)
Women's Leather Wallets - Smartphone Accordion Wallet with Shoulder Strap and Wristlet
Women's Smartphone Accordion Wallet

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