What is Royalty Free Music?

The advent of royalty free music has changed the landscape of media production forever. With royalty free music, no longer does a producer have to pay for each recurring playing of a music piece. With royalty free music, a one-time inexpensive fee is paid and the producer has the right to play, incorporate and use that musical piece(s) whenever he or she desires. Once you download it or order it via CD, you own the right to play your musical selections wherever you like and whenever you like. All you do is purchase the download like you would as you would an e-book, for a one-time inexpensive fee. You can use portions of the download for one production and another portion for a later one, if you like. As you can deduce, royalty free music allows producers to produce their dream production film, video et al and stay within budget.

By offering the highest quality royalty free music, music companies are able to make timeless recordings live in film, plays, television, commercials, school plays, independent films, local access cable, etc. Being able to download royalty free music is an important offering because it frees a production budget to focus on other more pressing budget items.

In the past and even today, movie producers, video producers, independent films producers, even educators and business executives that produce high-class PowerPoint programs utilize music to enhance the effect of their work. Production costs, no matter the media, can be expensive, i.e., cost of film, labor, acting fees, studio fees, distribution fees and music fees. Music fees are not typically one-time fees. They are recurring fees paid by media producers each time a composer’s work is played.

The royalty free music offered for purchase from this site is produced by some of the legends in the music industry. Some are Gold and Platinum award-winning artists who have produced hundreds of music recordings for film, television and commercials. Look for artists whose music spans virtually every genre of music from classical to Hip-hop, from Jazz to R&B, from Country to Rock.

Downloading Royalty Free Music

When you download royalty free music, you not only can save yourself a lot of time but also a lot of expense. You ensure expediency and the additional resources needed to complete your production. Professional, high quality websites make it easy to download royalty free music. All genres are presented in an easy-to-navigate manner and the selections are comprehensive.

In just a few short seconds, you can download royalty free music for your film, video, commercial, educational or corporate endeavor. The music we suggest takes seconds to write to a hard drive, CD-ROM or you can order it.

When you download royalty free music, you avoid many obstacles and quicken the production process. If you attempt to produce the music yourself or outsource it, you may receive the exact type of music you want and can boast that it was done professionally thus allowing for a marketable soundtrack where you can reap the profits. But, creating soundtracks is not your core competency and as with all promotions, it is a risky endeavor that requires capitalization. When you download royalty free music, you not only save time but a large amount of upfront investment monies and are freed to focus on producing films, videos and multimedia projects.

When you acquire music from a royalty free music library from the Internet, you do not need to be concerned with legalities. For a one-time fee, you download the music once and use it forever, for any multimedia project you endeavor to accomplish.

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