What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method/process of growing plants but without the need for soil. The growth process includes mineral nutrients and water, instead. Hydroponics was more or less discovered in the 18th century when it was found that plants could absorb mineral nutrients in water and not soil. It was found that soil acted as a mineral nutrient repository but, in and of itself, was not required for a plant to grow. So, as it’s turned out, almost any terrestrial plant can grow with hydroponics.

If it’s just too cold in your area of the country to continue to grow plants outdoors and you’re tired of lugging heavy nutrient soil bags into your home, think about hydroponics. One company that excels in hydroponics is Pac Sun Hydro.

Pac Sun Hydro is sells only the top-rated hydroponics equipment with the finest components which ensures that you don’t have to keep re-purchasing them year after year. They also provide 5-year warranties on all of their products. Their best sellers include hydroponic ballasts, bulbs, C02 controllers and fluorescent lighting.

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