Weight Loss Tip

Weight Loss Tip

The best weight loss tip I can offer is to eliminate candy, cakes, bagels, artificial sweeteners, MSG and other nonnutritive foods from your diet. The best weight loss tip is a free one: you will not achieve your weight loss plans nor will you safely lose weight if you continue or begin to ingest artificial sweeteners and MSG with your meals. Give it up. At least temporarily and if you do insist on ingesting them, do so in great moderation.
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Best Weight Loss Tip is to Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners From Your Diet
Weight Loss tip #1: one good tip is that you will not achieve weight by substituting artificial sweeteners for real sugar. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine are nonnutritive and, worse, boost insulin levels because they fool the body into thinking they are sugar. Boosting insulin levels will not contribute to your weight loss goals as you know because unused insulin will trigger your body to store more fat. The Atkins Diet will provide you with all of the information you need to know about the advantages of insulin and the disadvantages of high levels of insulin and there are a few good pages that will educate you on the benefits and perils of dietary fats in your diet.

2nd Best Weight Loss Tip is to Eliminate MSG From Your Diet
Weight loss tip #2: another great weight loss tip is to eliminate MSG from your diet completely. Monosodium glutamate is also known as MSG and is used as a flavor enhancer. It, like artificial sweeteners, fools your body into thinking it is one thing when it is actually another. MSG gives that part of your tongue that recognizes protein a false positive indication. In other words, the protein taste bud on your tongue thinks you are ingesting protein when it really is not because MSG is not protein. The glutamate in MSG is the indicator that fools your taste bud into thinking it is ingesting protein. Safe weight loss and protein are interconnected, yes, but the proteins you ingest should be real proteins with nutritive value.

MSG can cause headaches and other undesirable side effects like bloatedness. It also does not appear to be a healthy additive to ingest and it is not supposed to affect weight loss in any way but a feeling of bloatedness is not the route to weight loss. A good weight loss tip is to don’t use it.


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