Update on Geoff Spice and His Deserted Island Quit Smoking Plan

Geoff Spice returned from Sgarabhaigh (pronounced Scaravay) about a week ago. He was supposed to spend the entire month of August on this remote deserted island located in the Outer Hebrides just off the coast of Scotland. His idea was to finally quit smoking after 43 years by immersing himself in an environment that would not provide cigarettes (not matter how hard he beckoned for them) but one that would center him and prepare him for the second round – the one where he proves he can quit the HABIT of smoking. The only way to find out if he can succeed will be to re-enter society and mingle with smokers and to smell the cigarette smoke. But, so far, so good. Congratulations, Geoff Spice.

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  1. I need to get onto that Island but I would be afraid to be all alone.
    Could this be something you could do as a business? Set something up. The cold turkey island!
    Before I read about you going to the Island I had often thought about the same thing!
    We as smokers just know what it would take to stop – most of us anyway.
    Sometimes we just know what we need to succeed.
    I am absolutely delighted that you managed to stop smoking. I read when you were going and contacted the Herald to say to you to take the Allen Carr book for inspiration. I don’t know if they ever did.
    I know that you succeeded but have you written about it at all? If you have then I would love to read it.

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