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Why Tzvi Kessell Got Involved in Health Insurance
After being self employed for many years in the heavy Engineering, I wanted a change in businesses direction. In 1997 I started getting involved in the financial markets of the United States while still living in Australia. A few years later my wife and I moved to the USA and I became interested in finding ways in which I could help the average person and family to save money for the future using my experience in the financial markets. I first was involved in the mortgage industry but very quickly realized that is was not for me.

I started to learn about health insurance and found that most people were sold health insurance plans that were not always the most affordable plans or the most appropriate in coverage for them. My first health insurance plan that my wife got was one her agent promised was the most common plan for people like us. In the end, it was an appropriate plan but we could have found the same plan with cheaper premiums elsewhere.

After looking into different health insurance plans and learning how to combine them with other financial strategies, I was able to offer the client better plans from a broader array of insurance carriers while at the same time lowering their monthly premiums.

My original plan turned out to be very successful because I was able to help save client’s money while still providing them the coverage that they needed. This savings allowed them more flexibility in saving for the future.

My success was possible because of the way I and my wife were treated when we first searched and ultimately purchased health insurance. I found that most people searching for health insurance had to be trained to ask about plan deductibles and doctor co-payments. I had to explain what affordable really meant. It does no good to buy the cheapest policy out there if it does not cover your needs. Find the right policy, customize it for your needs then price it across all reputable insurance carriers for the optimal price. Moreover, an affordable health insurance plan does not mean a lesser of a plan but quite often means that over the long run you save money while receiving the coverage you need. And since I am not employed by any one of these health insurance carriers, I can honestly and ethically offer the most affordable health insurance coverage.

The challenge now for me is to still provide the personal touch as times change, clients get busier and more and more want to buy health insurance over the phone or internet. So far so good.

Tzvi Kessell
Got Affordable Health Insurance

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