SmokeAway has a brand awareness unequalled in the stop smoking industry. We first heard about the SmokeAway quit smoking product a couple of years ago while watching late night television. One of the first marketing programs by SmokeAway was an infomerical declaring that, in a short period of time and through the use of non-toxic, non-addictive and all-natural products, one could actually beat the odds and stop smoking forever. The infomercial hosts repeated over and over that one only had to be on the SmokeAway program for only 7 days and your quit smoking goal would become a reality. An all-natural herbal product that was packaged in tablet form and did not contain any nicotine like the gums and patches of the day. That is SmokeAway.


SmokeAway Ingredients

Zero Nicotine - quit smoking patch - all-natural, no nicotine

SmokeAway contains similar herbal and homeopathic ingredients as the Finally Free™ quit smoking herbal supplement. SmokeAway detoxifies your system, ridding your blood of all traces of nicotine. Passionflower promotes calm and restores you to normal sleeping habits. Eleuthero helps you to relax also but it goes a step further and helps you resists the effects of daily stress from work and/or the loss of your cigarette smoking habit. Bayberry root strengthens your immune system while Echinacea gives you a feeling of well-being and contentment. Burdock root cleanses your body of nicotine while Golden Seal cleanses your digestive system of nicotine. Hyssop cleans your lungs and relives congestion brought on by smoking cigarettes.

How SmokeAway Compares to Other Quit Smoking Products

  1. SmokeAway quit smoking supplements are packaged in tablet form. Finally Free Quit Smoking Products are packaged in pill form.
  2. SmokeAway opts for an homeopathic option to balance your mind and spirit in harmony with your vital organs. Homeopathy is a system of medical treatment based on the theory of treating certain diseases very small doses of drugs that in a very healthy person produces symptoms like those of the disease or ailment. With the SmokeAway homeopathic option, you would place 3 tablets under your tongue in the morning when you awaken or as soon as you experience a cigarette craving. The medicine is released immediately into your system.
  3. Finally Free uses an aromatherapy solution to balance your mind and body. Both SmokeAway and Finally Free quit smoking products are effective.

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