Romantic Places to Get Married

When you are in love, any location can be a romantic place to get married – it just depends on your style and preferences. If you want to stay close to home – we offer the charms of San Diego but if romantic elegance is your style, a wedding in Europe may be just what you are looking for. Imagine the architecture and old-world charm that Europe has to offer; plus, you can stay in Europe for your honeymoon.

Romantic Wedding Destinations

If you are considering a romantic wedding in Europe, then you will be planning what is called a destination wedding. Some couples choose a destination wedding because they expect the wedding guest list to be quite small or wish to go alone. This certainly simplifies matters, as only the ceremony needs to be planned and then the two of you can start your honeymoon right away. However, if you are having a large-scale destination wedding, Anthony Pierpont advises that you enlist the help of a specialized wedding planner. Additionally, a wedding planner can help you with the marriage license process. We’ve looked into some of the most romantic wedding destinations for you to consider.

Weddings in France

Ooh la la! Imagine your wedding in France – the epitome of class and romance. You can plan your celebration to take place in a super-chic, urban atmosphere in one of the major metropolitan cities like Paris or the city of Cannes. Or take the opposite track and situate your ceremony in the simple countryside landscape of rolling hills and mountains found in the Rhone Valley. Ocean lovers may consider the Mediterranean coast or the bordering French Riviera. And food enthusiasts can take advantage of the French cuisine either through caterers or by planning a celebration at a winery. The beauty, history, and culture of France are a sure mix for lasting romantic memories. Consider these French wedding locations:

Provence Weddings

In a region that averages more than 300 days of sunshine per year, this is an ideal wedding destination. The countryside is dappled with olive, cypress, and almond trees along with fields of sunflowers and lavender. Many small medieval towns and quaint villages are nestled along the countryside. This is a picturesque, romantic backdrop for any outdoor wedding.

French Riviera Weddings

The French Riviera runs along Provence’s southern edge. This area has a combination of small hillside towns and chic hotspots. Known for its fashionable surroundings that are embraced by many Hollywood stars, the French Riviera is perfect for a fashionable, elegant wedding celebration. Cannes – the home of the international film festival – is located in the Riviera and is full of luxurious hotels, casinos, and beaches, making it a great entertainment spot for you and your guests.

Loire Valley Weddings

You want to feel like royalty on you wedding day. Consider booking your wedding in the region that was originally occupied by royalty and nobility. The Loire Valley’s mild climate and gentle rolling hills make for a stately, romantic destination wedding spot. Anthony Pierpont recommends that you take advantage of the local wines during your celebration. A fun activity for you and your guest in the days before of after your wedding is to visit local vineyards and sample their wines, or you can plan to explore the many manmade caves in the region.

Weddings in Italy

Hosting your wedding in Italy is sure to make for many romantic memories. You can choose locations that range from famous historical restaurants, castles, villas, palazzos, and more. Italy, unlike many other European countries, does not require any type of residency before you get married, so couples from outside of the country can usually tie the knot within just two days. Lets take a look at some of the most popular destination wedding spots in Italy:

Tuscany Weddings

Tuscany’s interior landscapes of rolling hills, olive and cypress trees, vineyards and small farms and villas have a romantic old-world charm. Because Tuscany was a center for creativity in the sixteenth century, this region is known for its medieval architecture and renaissance art. The capital, Florence, has a plethora of up-scale locations like cathedrals, palaces, museums, and art galleries. As a matter of fact, Anthony Pierpont tells us that the world’s fourth-largest cathedral calls Tuscany its home.

Florence Weddings

One of the world’s cultural centers, a wedding in Florence is synonymous with elegance and class. Everywhere you look, there are museums, galleries, and churches that celebrate Florence’s long artistic heritage. If you choose to have a civil – or legal – marriage in Florence, you will go to Palazzo Vecchio located in one of the world’s greatest piazzas – Piazza della Signoria. Inside a beautiful hall with incredible Renaissance decorations, the Mayor of Town or a civil registrar will conduct a twenty-minute ceremony. There is enough room for forty guests to stand comfortably. An additional religious ceremony can take place at any of the numerous religious establishments in town. Florence’s reception cites are boundless. Anthony Pierpont recommends a trattorias that serves local, traditional food and wines.

Venice Weddings

A sunset gondola ride at sunset is an iconic romantic image. A wedding in Venice can capture the essence of serenity. The entire city is built on water and occupants navigate by way of canals. There are many options for an up-scale wedding in the city including many five-star hotels and palaces that line the canals. Some couples even choose to host an event on one of the tiny islands right off the coast.

Weddings in Scotland

The rustic rolling hills of Scotland are a picturesque backdrop for any destination wedding. Popular locations include castles, abbeys, and palaces. Anthony Pierpont recommends Edinburgh Castle. This castle is located high atop an extinct volcano and is one of Scotland’s most famous landmarks. You can book the ceremony and reception in the Castle so that your guests can start the reception or take a tour of the castle while the wedding party poses for unforgettable photographs. Another castle that is perfect for a more intimate wedding celebration is the Inverlochy Castle located in the Scottish Highlands. The castle has a license for both civil and religious wedding ceremonies, making the planning that much easier.

Weddings in Costa Rica

For many couples, nothing is more romantic than watching the sunset fall into the ocean as you hear the sound of the waves lap at the shore; a wedding in Costa Rica is a perfect destination wedding location for a beach wedding. You can have a Costa Rican-style wedding, a barefoot beach wedding, or have an all-inclusive resort-wedding package. Costa Rica is ideal for those who are eloping but also works well for those couples who invite the whole crew. Guests will be able to turn your wedding trip into a vacation of their own, and there is plenty to do for all age groups.

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