Quit Smoking Myths, Advice & Facts

Quit Smoking Myths, Advice & Facts

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Quit Smoking and your body will return to its normal pre-smoking state. The aforementioned thought and statement made by some in the scientific community for years has been adopted by many of us. It is a thought that has led millions of people to not quit smoking. I mean, why Quit Smoking if you can shut it down at any moment in the future with an accompanying clean bill of health? Teenagers hold this belief. Teen smoking rates have increased almost 33% in the years 1993-1998. Smoking during the years 16 to age 28 is especially dangerous because many organs that are not fully developed will continue undeveloped due to smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes are the attractively packaged form of a pharmacologically active substance called nicotine mixed with noxious chemicals. People that smoke for even 10 years have shown a higher rate of death, disease and disability. Moreover, the nonsmoker that was a smoker but Quit Smoking years ago is still at risk. There is apparently more risk to the respiratory system and to cancer symptoms years after people quit smoking. So, it has become delusional for people, especially teen smokers to think that they can quit smoking after 10-15 years and not experience side effects, even years down the road. And we are talking about those people who are lucky enough to be able to quit smoking forever. It is preferable to quit smoking at any age and at any time no matter the length of time people have smoked cigarettes and no matter the quantity smoked during that time. The health risks associated with smoking diminish if people quit smoking, sooner rather than later. If people continue to smoke cigarettes, risks that health problems will occur increase.

It is of course suggested that pregnant women quit smoking because children born to smoking mothers have been known to suffer health consequences. If you’re a smoking pregnant woman, quit smoking now.

Remember, only 20% of those smokers that attempt to Quit Smoking are successful over the long term. Which means that 80% of smokers that quit smoking are unsuccessful. It seems that very decision to begin to smoke cigarettes is in itself, irreversible.

A short list of proven possible irreversible health effects if you do not Quit Smoking

  1. Lung development retardation, decreased lung function and decreased lung reserve especially in childhood and adolescent smokers;
  2. Cancer – 75% of ex-smokers experience DNA changes suggestive of tumor development and 50% of lung cancers are now diagnosed in ex-smokers (see Smoking Statistics);
  3. Circulatory impairment of the heart, brain and legs;
  4. Visual impairment and possible loss;
  5. Vocal cord polyps (growths) and hoarseness (common in adult smokers);
  6. Osteoporosis and spinal arthritis;
  7. Premature facial wrinkling and skin graying after only as few as 5 years of smoking cigarettes;
  8. To learn more about what’s in a cigarette, visit our Cigarette Ingredients page;
  9. To learn more about the biological effects of smoking, visit our Smoking Side Effects page.

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