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Most people that smoke ideally want to Quit Smoking Now. To quit smoking, you must have resolve and intention but most smokers really do need outside assistance with stop smoking aids such as quit smoking patches, quit smoking pills, quit smoking capsules, or electronic cigarettes. Even though, to some, smoking is relaxing or sexy, it is a detriment to one’s health and smokers realize that to quit smoking means sidestepping, in the end, many adverse side effects related to cigarette smoking.

There are many stop smoking aids on the market today. We offer just a few popular and tried and true quit smoking products for your consideration: Zero Nicotine patches, Nicocure pills, Finally Free pills, and eCigarettes – actual simulated cigarettes that are smoke-free, tar-free and carbon monoxide-free.

Current Smoking Statistics: the number of smokers dropped from 20.9% to 19.3% of the US population between 2005 and 2011. In 2012, the rate has decreased slightly to 19%.

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Electronic Cigarettesfrom Vapor4Life taste and feel like regular cigarettes. Although it looks like smoke is emitted, the e-cigarette is smoke-free, tar-free and carbon monoxide free. No second-hand smoke. No ashes. All vapor. Enjoy them in public areas. Lots of cool flavors and nicotine strengths.
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Zero Nicotine is an innovative quit smoking patch that does not contain nicotine! It contains the same natural herbal ingredients as Finally Free of Nicotine™ which is dispensed in pill form. Each quit smoking patch lasts 3 days and the effects are immediate.Zero Nicotine helps you to quit smoking safely and naturally without putting more nicotine into your body.
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Nicocure Quit Smoking pills are a proprietary blend of all natural herbal ingredients to help you quit smoking without putting more nicotine into your body. Nicocure pills contain Lobelia Inflata extract which improves the respiratory tract and acts as an expectorant for the lungs. Lobelia Inflata also alters the taste of tobacco, making it unpleasant to the smoker.
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Finally Free Quit Smoking Aids are Herbal Supplements Designed to Eliminate Your Nicotine Addiction without the use of Nicotine! Unlike other smoking cessation programs that rely on drugs, FINALLY FREE of nicotine addiction™ is an all-natural smoking cessation program that is dispensed in pill form. Also contains Lobelia Powder, a lung expectorant.
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It’s simple: physical harm will come to your body if you do not quit smoking now or in the near future. As you may know by now, there is a threshold or point of no return where physical harm will occur even if you decide to stop smoking at some later point in life. Areas of your body affected by smoking include the genito-urinary, digestive, musculoskeletal and reproductive systems.

Quit Smoking Now with the help of quit smoking pills and capsules

For example, if you continue to smoke, you may experience irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and gums if you are a long-term smoker. The tissues in these areas typically thicken and undergo cellular changes that can eventually lead to cancers of the mouth, throat and esophagus. If you don’t quit smoking, you could also experience gum disease and tooth loss, both very common health effects. You can also experience relaxing of the facial muscles – a look comparable to partial facial paralysis.

On the other hand, if you do quit smoking, the chance that you could get cancers of the mouth and esophagus during the first 5 years after you quit decrease by 50%. However, as in most cases, ex-smokers always face the risk that cancers may appear when compared to those that have never smoked cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking also affects the larynx tissues and the outward manifestation of this is a noticeable deepening and/or hoarseness in the voices of chronic smokers. Other health effects you may experience if you do not stop smoking include vocal cord polyps that rarely disappear without surgery.

Quitting Cigarettes is a Two-Part Process

A cigarette habit is composed of two variables: there is the nicotine craving and there is also the habit of smoking. People, places (house, yard, balcony, car), foods and other things might trigger a mental need to have a cigarette. Quit smoking products will assist you in eliminating the craving to smoke a cigarette and some will work further to purify and restore your organs. But, in the end, you must face your habit. That is, eliminate the stimuli associated with smoking. You begin with the intention to quit smoking then you work to change your behaviors and surroundings, i.e., vacuuming and deodorizing your car.

There are myriad stop smoking aids and services on the market today, i.e., herbal supplements, lozenges, gums, patches, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, etc. Some contain nicotine. Some don’t. Some use drugs. Some stop smoking aids use herbs. Some are pill- or capsule-based. Others are gelatinous or hard candy look-a-likes. Choose the product that appeals to you, to your senses, to your taste, to your timeframe. If one doesn’t work to curb your cigarette habit, then move to another product or service. You will find a product right for you and most of all, your will or intention to quit smoking perseveres.

QSH’s Quit Smoking Blog: Tell Us Your Quit Smoking Story

Millions of people successfully quit smoking each year. Millions more across the world try but can’t sustain it. If you’ve successfully quit smoking, we and the thousands of people that visit our site each month want to know how you did it. We want to know your quit smoking story so we can publish it for others to read. Did you quit cold turkey? take a nicotine patch? pill or capsule? did you undergo hypnosis or aromatherapy? did you join a quit smoking support group?

Did you do as Geoff Spice in Scotland did and squire away to a remote island basically quarantining yourself from the temptation of smoking cigarettes?

Tell us. We want to know. Your story – whether short or long – will help other smokers the world over to either quit outright or at least begin thinking about quitting smoking.

WebMD’s 13 Best Quit Smoking Tips

WebMDs 13 Best Quit Smoking Tips

No. 1: Know Why You Want to Quit
So you want to quit smoking, but do you know why? “Because it’s bad for you” isn’t good enough. To get motivated, you need a powerful, personal reason to quit. Maybe you want to protect your family from secondhand smoke. Maybe the thought of lung cancer frightens you. Or maybe you’’d like to look and feel younger. Choose a reason that is strong enough to outweigh the urge to light up… (Read Complete Blog Post)


We Honor Our Friends That Support Our Quit Smoking Message

Figuring Life Span by the Length and Number of Moles You Have

I know, sounds silly. But imagine if you could somewhat predict your life span? Would you want to know how long you will live? There’s a study that was performed in London and reported by the Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies in July, 2007, reporting that a large amount of skin moles on your body, more than 100, translates to longer years of living, by up to seven years. There are many ways to eliminate skin moles, especially if you are prone to skin cancer, but before you do, first consider the telomere length of your moles.

The Twin Research Unit performed this study and the research was released by the King’s College London and it suggests that people with a large amount of moles also had longer telomeres. A telomere is like the plastic tip of a shoelace. In this case, the telomere prevents chromosome ends from splitting and sticking to one another, basically helpingto protect and duplicate chromosome ends.

Moles usually appear in our childhood years then disappear from middle age onward. Therefore, there seems to be a correlation between mole appearance/disappearance and age or as we call it, longevity. Telomeres enter the picture because they appear to get shorter as we age and so do the amount of moles we have. The study showed that people that had alot of moles, more than 100 of them, also had longer telomeres. Those people with shorter telomeres usually had fewer moles – less than 25 moles.

Here’s the punchline: those with longer telomeres, an indicator of a large amount of moles, lived longer, about seven years longer than people with shorter telomere lengths and fewer moles. Amazingly, this study was not influenced by outside variables such as weight gain, significant weight loss, or smoking.

So, can we predict how long we will live? No. But we can, according to this study, add on a few years if we see a slower decline of disappearing moles from our bodies.

Will the Smoke-free Workplace lead to Smoke-free Employees?

You’re company accountant would say yes, absolutely!

Quit smoking has evolved from passive ad campaigning to legislation banning smoking in eating and drinking establishments to businesses and corporate establishments partitioning select outdoor places for smoking. It’s becoming more difficult to smoke in public. Now, businesses are going a step further and are proactively trying to help their employees to quit smoking. About 33% of companies with at least 200 employees now offer quit smoking programs to their employees in an effort to improve their employees health but skeptically, there’s a better reason: to reduce their insurance premiums. With large enterprise corporate entities, it is believed that up to 67% offer quit smoking programs.

The new corporate quit smoking programs are the latest in improving employee health and reducing insurance costs following wellness programs such as weight loss and diabetes.

The cost savings for these programs is significant and seemingly a no-brainer for companies. Quit smoking pills and capsules, programs, patches, lozenges, gums et al cost about $900 per employee whereas medical costs in the long run cost upwards of $16,000 per employee.

Chantix – 40% Chance of Quitting Smoking

Chantix is a prescription quit smoking pill to help adults quit smoking. It does not contain nicotine. However, it does adhere to the same brain receptors as nicotine medication thereby giving the brain the same pleasure motivator as dopamine without the nicotine. Even when you smoke while taking Chantix, the prescription quit smoking pill blocks the nicotine from attaching to the brain receptors. As a result, it’s easier to quit.

Smokers that ingest nicotine pills, patches, gums and capsules are successful in quitting smoking 20% of the time. Those that took Chantix were successful 40% of the time.

The interesting component to Chantix is that you can smoke while taking the pills. Most people set a quit smoking date of one week forward while beginning the Chantix regimen one week before. Some need a few weeks on Chantix before their quit smoking start date.

Chantix is new and does not have a generic counterpart yet. It is basically a 12-week regimen but it can be taken for longer periods of time to ensure the smoking habit really stops. Each month’s supply of Chantix will cost you about $130 and it is quite normal to increase your dosage as time moves forward. Expensive yes, but it’s the same price of a carton of cigarettes per week.

The probability of quitting smoking increases the more you intend to quit smoking. You really have to want to do it. Quit smoking products like Chantix will help, and may help more than other pills, gum or lozenge products, but you have to work to do other things or ingest other foods when you feel the urge.

One of the main benefits Chantix offers is that it makes cigarettes not taste so good.

Forever Non Smoker eBook Released

Quit Smoking Hub announces the release of the Forever Non Smoker eBook, now available on this website. Forever Non Smoker relies on information and strategy to kick the smoking habit, not gums, lozenges, pills, capsules or hypnosis. Quit Smoking Hub does not imply that Forever Non Smoker is the only method by which smokers can quit smoking. There are as many accepted methods, it seems, as there are smokers. And that’s the point: some people prefer a capsule, others a programmed strategy. As long as there’s a method out there that works for you – and it is helpful and safe – we will look to support it. It is, at least, our obligation to tell you about it.

The Forever Non Smoker ebook, retailing for $14.95, first deals with the guilt issue. You know you need to quit but find it hard to quit. Everyone’s telling you to quit smoking, but it’s difficult to do and you wish they would all understand that. This eBook eliminates the guilt and deploys as pain-free a plan as is necessary. For instance, Forever Non Smoker begins by targeting one day per week where you delay the smoking of your first cigarette by one hour. So, if you always smoke when you wake up, wait until after breakfast to light up. Try that each week – just one day per week. Then, gradually, delay your first smoke by 2 hours – again, just one day per week. You get the idea. Gradually, you’re getting your body used to less nicotine while making subtle yet dramatic leaps in curtailing the habit of it all. Forever Non Smoker was written by Roman Richards.

Smoking Cigarettes Gets an R Rating

In Hollywood movies and on billboards, smoking cigarettes has always looked cool. In men, a cigarette enhanced an image. With women, it was a sexy prop. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is concerned that there’s too much smoking in PG-rated movies and that the kids to whom the movies are targeted are in themsleves, unduly targeted by cigarette companies. So, unless a cigarette is essential to a movies’ plot, the MPAA will now assess a rating of R to movies containing cigarette smoking.

Take a Hike!

It looks like a quick 5 minute walk can naturally curb a smokers appetite to light up. The study, performed by experts (who are these experts?) at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, have conclusive evidence that exercise, even short amounts of it, will reduce cigarette cravings. However, they don’t know why. They are addressing brain imaging techniques and mood centers of the brain right now and hope they’ll find a clue there. But, in the meanwhile, take a hike.

Supermarkets Can Play The Game, Too

There must be alot of smokers in the world because the quit smoking product market is expanding like never before. A new entrant, Tesco, is about to begin offering an array of quit smoking products through its supermarket chain. Tesco will launch its own self-labeled Quit-Aid products to copete in just about every quit smoking category: gums, nasal sprays, tablets and lozenges. I guess the only “product” missing is hypnotherapy which could be a service offered as you wait for your Deli order to be prepared. Tesco is going after the big guys like Nicorette, Niquitin CQ and Nicotinell. Tesco is based inthe UK and has 200 in-store pharmacies.

Anti-smoking Legislation: From Spain to Hawaii

As of mid-November, 2006, there is a new law that bans smoking in all public places in the state of Hawaii. No longer can residents and tourists smoke in restaurants, bowling alleys, bars, malls or airports. Moreover, smoking is not allowed 20 feet from doorways or windows. This new anti-smoking policy seemed sure to pass since many Hawaiian counties already had enacted legislation to curtail smoking in public places. But, now it’s a statewide law.

Restaurant, bar and hotel employees seem concerned that legislators did not think through the ban citing the fact that much of their tourism comes from Japan where 45% of Japanese men smoke.

Nevertheless, officials say, as time moves on people will get used to the fact that there have to be designated areas to smoke, where non-smokers are not subjected to secondhand smoke. They’re probably right. Remember the days when smoking was allowed in hopsital beds, on airplanes, in supermarkets? Everyone got used to it. It’s what we do. We adapt. We can also adapt to smoking fewer cigarettes.

Anti-Smoking Legislation Responsible For Smoking Cessation in Spain – playfuls.com

At the beginning of 2006, Spain adopted non-smoking legislation preventing cigarette smoking at work. It further ruled that larger sized restaurants and bars establish smoking zones. Smaller restaurants and bars had to opt whether to allow or prohibit cigarette smoking for all patrons.

Since the law was passed, it is reported that cigarette sales have dropped by about 5% while heart attacks in active and passive smokers have decreased by 10% from 2005. Spain’s attitude is that legislation was the more preferred method of curbing the smoking habit rather than leaving it in the hands of its countrymen to decide.

Can’t Quit? Tried Cold Turkey? Tried Nicotine Replacements?
How About Cigarette Reduction? – psychcentral.com

You want to quit smoking but it’s hard, right? You know what the side effects are. Your family tells you. All of the commercials on television warn you. The problem is that quit smoking patches, pills, capsules, even hypnosis – none of it has worked for you. You still feel the urge to smoke. You hope that the quit smoking vehicles will help make cigarettes taste bad or at least supplant enough nicotine so that you don’t crave a cigarette. Many anti-smoking groups will advise you to change your routines but how easy is it to move to another apartment or house? or to change your job?

There is news that will surprise you. You’ve probably thought of it but have been marketed and advised against it. You see, you don’t have to just quit cold turkey.

According to a study that will be published by the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal, reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day is an accepted way to quit smoking in many European countries. It is not advocated, per se, in the United States. The study found that smoking reduction led to increased smoking cessation. They do advise that you supplant the void with nicotine replacements.

Is Weight Gain Unavoidable When Quitting Smoking? – infozine.com – Kansas City

Yes. The answer is yes. Unfortunately, weight gain when one quits smoking is not a myth. It is fact. But, weight gain does not occur in every person that quits smoking cigarettes. It is a subjective affliction. The reason weight gain occurs is because a lower metabolic rate results from the lower intake of nicotine. In fact, nicotine is the cause of a higher metabolism which is the body’s ability to burn calories faster. With a lower metabolism (less nicotine), the body burns calories slower but the intake rate of food is usually left unchanged.

If you already engage in a healthy, non-snack, non-soda, exercise regimen, you probably will not gain weight. But, if you do snack and do not exercise, you probably will see a relative increase in weight gain. The answer is to alter your eating and exercising behaviors along with your quit smoking behavior. Consume less snacks and eat more vegetables. Exercise more.

Lobelia Plant Reduces Cravings and Anxiety When Quitting Smoking – QuitSmokingHub.com Research

If you’re a cigarette smoker and want to quit, there may be a low cost alternative for you. It’s called Lobelia or Lobelia Inflata. The Lobelia plant helps to reduce cravings and anxiety (withdrawal symptoms) associated with cigarette smoking. It is also an expectorant (helps remove mucous from the lungs), a diaphoretic (makes you sweat) and emetic (causes nausea and vomiting – mainly to combat food poisoning). In the 19th century, it was employed to combat respiratory ailments and convulsions.

The principal herb in Lobelia is lobeline which stimulates deeper breathing. Lobelia also cleanses the blood, relieves chronic bronchitis and even asthma. It possesses sedative qualities as well which is why it’s not only advocated for smokers wanting to quit the cigarette habit but for 19th century childbirthing.

The tincture of Lobelia, when employed topically, alleviates bruising, sprains and skin diseases.

Over-the-counter Lobelia bottle (capsules) prices range from $4-$8.

Warning: do not take excessive amounts of Lobelia because it can produce depression, nausea, cold sweats, and possibly even death. Consult your physician before using.

Miramax Founders Launch Quit Smoking Campaign – Hollywood – zeenews.com

Harvey and Bob Weinstein, founders of Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company (after they sold Miramax to Disney), have launched a quit smoking campaign aimed at kids and teens. The Weinsteins produce and distribute many films that are targeted to kids and teens and have decided to include anti-smoking and quit-smoking public service announcements in all forthcoming DVDs. The public service ads will begin with the DVD release of “Clerks II” in December, 2006. Harvey quit smoking last year.

The latest Quit Smoking Product – Non-Nicotine Patches – Florida – pr.com

It appears that a quit smoking patch is on the market that actually reduces cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms without the use of nicotine. The Zero Nicotine Quit Smoking Patch is composed of herbal ingredients that simulate nicotine and it’s these herbs that give the body its nicotine fix, not nicotine itself. This is amazing news since many quit smoking aids – gums, lozenges and patches in particular – contain some degree of nicotine. This quit smoking non-nicotine patch contains the same ingredients as Finally Free Quit Smoking Pills. It is up to you as to what you feel most comfortable with – pills or patches.

Zero Nicotine herbs not only simulate nicotine but they work further to simultaneously reduce nicotine levels in your body. These herbal ingredients also possess antioxidant characteristics that further reduce nicotine levels and actually detoxify the body of nicotine.

The Zero Nicotine Patch is quickly absorbent – at least more absorbent than a quit smoking pill, gum or lozenge. Being a patch, Zero Nicotine, of course, is absorbed through the skin and the manufacturers say that you only need 1 patch application every 3 days. It doesn’t reduce mobility or affect your daily life, activities or regimens. You can still work out, run or even swim because the patch is waterproof. You know that quitting smoking is not easy. That’s why when quit smoking breakthroughs come about, we report them. Quitting smoking requires resolve, intent and outside resources. At times, it takes smokers two to three attempts before they can successfully quit. Online Future, Inc., the makers of Zero Nicotine, say there is no going back once you start on their quit smoking patch regimen, which you’d expect them to say. Their website states that cravings should subside in 10-15 days. Like most quit smoking aids, Zero Nicotine is guaranteed – in this case – for the first 100 days after purchase. It’s available online and you don’t need a prescription to order.

Free phones for quitting smokers – New Zealand – tvnz.co.nz

The latest news out of New Zealand is that cellphones will be given to college-aged adults as an enticement to quit smoking. The Health Research Council of New Zealand has allocated $1.5 million to Auckland University researchers to develop a video and text messaging quit smoking program aimed at 18- to 24-year olds. The Quitline service says that the 18-24 year age demographic is the most eager to stop. Up to 1,300 young people will be recruited to take part in the program of which 200 will receive a free video phone upgrade. They will be sent video from people who have quit smoking along with games and text messaging.

QuitSmokingHub.com thought: something for the people at MySpace.com and Verizon to consider. Any takers?

Chimpanzee developing beer addiction in order to quit smoking – China

A chimpanzee, now housed in a zoo in Urumqi, China after retiring from the circus, is trying to quit smoking by drinking beer. Or should I say that the zookeepers are trying to get it to quit smoking. I think the chimp rather enjoys it. After all, it does seem to get a bit anxious and uneasy if it isn’t supplied its cigarettes. We don’t know how much beer the chimp is consuming a day but it has reduced its cigarette intake from 15 to 4 cigarettes per day. Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. They have been giving it beer in a bid to stop it smoking. The chimp is now on less than four cigarettes a day.

Pregnant Women Incented to Quit Smoking – Scotland

Pregnant Women Incented to Quit Smoking

The BBC reports that a Health Board in Scotland is planning to incent pregnant women to quit smoking by offering free cinema tickets and grocery vouchers.
The incentives will last the duration of the pregnancy and for 3 months after the birth if the women can pass a breath test.

It is medical knowledge that smoking by pregnant women can cause very premature birth, low birth weight and respiratory illnes. It also seems as if the smoking gene is passed on to the baby as statistics indicate that children of women that smoked during their pregnancy are more apt to smoke themselves.

Rewards are said to be up to 50 pounds per month.

Quick Behavior Tips for Quitting Smoking – Swazi Observer, Swaziland

The Swazi Observer listed the 5 Keys for quitting smoking:

  • Get Ready
  • Get Support
  • Learn New Skills and Behaviors
  • Get Medication and Use It Correctly
  • Be Prepared for Relapse or Difficult Situations

You will note that Quit Smoking Hub has long endorsed these 5 keys and even expanded them to 18 keys. Please visit the Quit Smoking Hub Help page for more information.

Hypnosis As A Quit Smoking Aid? – Colorado, US

Even if a smoker abides by all the rules and behavioral guidelines to quit smoking, it is often difficult to sustain that momentum. More often than not, smokers that have quit revert to smoking again.

The Medical Hypnosis & Counseling Center believes that hypnosis, while not a cure for quitting smoking, is certainly a longer-term measure in sustaining the momentum gained by former smokers. Hypnosis, they say, is not a cure but a suggestion to the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a normal state of consciousness defined by concentrated (or directed) daydreaming. The more the suggestions to quit smoking are repeated, the more those suggestions are implanted into the subconscious. The hypnotist is a guide. Therefore, the one being hypnotized can only do things that he/she wants to do. Unless you really want to quit smoking, you really won’t in the end.

Quitting Smoking? Watch The Pounds – Detroit, MI

Researchers from The University of Michigan and The University of California have reanalyzed data from an old study performed in 1998 of almost 6,000 American smokers. They claim that former smokers gain up to 20 pounds more in weight than the anticipated 5 to 15 pounds. The study is not intended to dissuade smokers from quitting. Researchers suggest that smokers, when planning to quit, incorporate a weight control regimen consisting of dietary and physical programs.

Smoking is Linked to Socio-Economic Status – Toronto, Canada

Death rates between rich and poor men between the ages of 35 – 59 years are significant in number and The University of Toronto has just released a study indicating that if the poor quit smoking, their death rates would drop at least by 50%. A number of tactics employed to-date have already been responsible for deterring the poor class from continuing smoking: higher tobacco tax rates, warning labels, and better employment conditions. The Commission on Social Determinants of Health, a group within the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is addressing not just smoking cessation but all health issues related to class.

We thank our quit smoking advocates who have stood by us all the way as we’ve attempted to educate and help the world to quit smoking.

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