Quit Smoking Help Guidelines

Quit Smoking Help Guidelines

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You seek quit smoking help and don’t know where to turn. Which quit smoking program do I choose? Do I go with a well-known quit smoking product or do I try my luck with hypnotherapy? Regardless of the quit smoking program or product you choose, it all begins with an internal discussion you must have with yourself. Do you intend to quit smoking? Are you willing to change thought patterns, habits and intentions? Quit smoking herbal supplements will get you through the first week and beyond. But, it is your intent that will carry you through. Here are some Quit Smoking guidelines to help you persevere during and after you have completed a quit smoking program or product regimen:

Why You Need to Quit Smoking

    1. You prolong your life and the lives of others.
    2. You save thousands of dollars annually and up to $125,000 over the course of your life.
    3. Quitting smoking will decrease your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke or of suffering from cancer.
    4. If you are a female, quitting smoking will improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.
    5. There are many proven formulas that will break you of your need to smoke. You can choose from gums, lozenges, patches, supplements (Finally Free of Nicotine).
    6. Intend to Quit Smoking and choose a product that will help you to quit.
    7. Set a quit date.
    8. Change your environment, if you can.
    9. Get rid of any sign of cigarettes in your home, car and office. Throw away ashtrays. Deodorize your house and car.
    10. Don’t let people smoke near you or in your home.

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  1. Look at your past attempts to quit smoking. What worked? What didn’t?
  2. Once you quit smoking, don’t smoke again.
  3. Get Support and Encouragement
    Studies have shown that you have a better chance of being successful if you have help.
  4. Tell your family, friends, and coworkers that you are going to quit smoking and that you need their support.
  5. Consult with your health care provider.
  6. Learn New Skills and Behaviors
  7. Create new behaviors, routines and patterns that do not remind you of smoking. Reduce your stress.
  8. Use Aromatherapy to calm your mind and muscles and to regain focus and mental clarity.
  9. Perform an activity that makes you happy every day.
  10. Drink lots of water and other fluids.
  11. Be Prepared for Relapse or Difficult Situations
    Most relapses occur within the first three months after you quit smoking. Don’t be discouraged. Urges occur. Re-introduce the quit smoking product if advised to do so.
  12. Avoid drinking alcohol. Drinking may be a behavior that triggers a cigarette craving.
  13. Stay happy. If you get into a bad mood, seek to create love and harmony in your life.

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