Ohio, Oregon and Illinois State Fairs

Travel Ideas for Family Holiday Vacations:
Ohio, Oregon and Illinois State Fairs

Include a State Fair Visit in Your Family Holiday Vacation Travel Plans

If you’re planning to travel through Ohio, Oregon or Illinois during the summer, include their State Fairs in your family vacation travel plans. If you have to wait until Labor Day, no worries, take a family holiday vacation to the Oregon State Fair in Salem then run off to Portland to visit one of the quaintest older city’s in America then run off to nearby Multnomah Falls to visit the nations 2nd highest year-round waterfall.

The State Fairs of Ohio, Oregon and Illinois are usually held in August in each state’s capital city. The interesting component to these State Fairs is that they began in the 1800’s centered around agriculture, i.e., ways to improve farming methods and the raising of livestock. If you think about it, the State Fair has always had a farming focus with its animal displays, bull rides, animal petting zoos, rodeos, haystacks, and down home fruit pies.

Fun Facts about the Ohio, Oregon and Illinois State Fairs:

  • The Ohio State Fair lasted 12 days and costs $7 million to host;
  • In 1901, the Oregon State Fair charged an entrance fee of 25 cents to men and 10 cents to women;
  • The first Illinois State Fair was held in 1853 promoting improved methods of farming and raising livestock. Fair admission: 25 cents. Millard Fillmore, then Franklin Pierce were our Presidents.

The best state fairs have competitive events, one-of-a-kind arts and crafts and are great excuses to have a party. Get ideas for cheap family vacations and summertime fun for everyone in your family from the State Fairs Guide.

The Best State Fairs for Family Holiday Fun include more than just Livestock and Horse Shows:

  • Darrin Gleeman tells us how many state fairs and festivals have elite competitions for talented citizens to strut their stuff;
  • Steve Foster explains how the Oregon State Fair focuses on artisans, providing them with a showcase to display their wares and receive national attention;
  • And Marc Carroll shows us how the Illinois State Fair highlights the party aspect of the annual event- making it a fun family holiday gathering for everyone who attends.

Ideas for Family Holiday Fun: The Ohio State Fair Thrives on Competition by Darrin Gleeman of New York, New York.

“Ohio takes their competitions very seriously; they’re lively, competitive and a lot of fun for everyone during our family’s holiday,” says Darrin. The Ohio State Fair has an abundance of events that bring a competitive edge to the annual fair:

  • A spelling bee pits the 4th and 5th graders against each other in a grueling competition that’s better than a TV script;
  • A clothing design and fashion show featuring children, teenagers, adults and pets comes with bragging rights- and cash prizes (note: the fair’s website states that “No Naked Pets are Allowed”)
  • A comprehensive baked goods cooking contest at the Ohio State Fair includes categories for delicacies like gingerbread houses and marzipan’
  • The state fair also offers an Antiques Road show-style antiques appraisal and an auctioneer bid call contest, too;
  • The fair rounds out with square dancing, sporting competitions and the annual dog show;
  • The Ohio State Fair is held in Columbus and starts the first week of August. Over 800,000 people attend each year.

Cheap Family Vacation Ideas: Visit the Oregon State Fair by Steve Foster of Portland, Oregon.

“The Oregon State Fair focuses on ability and creativity in addition to the traditional festival fare,” says Steve Foster. “We go to get new ideas for crafts projects and to be awe-inspired by the art and photography on display.” Keep your family vacation cheap and fun when you spend some time at the Oregon State Fair this year.

  • The Artisan Village features craftspeople making arts and crafts;
  • Calligraphy is one of the specialty categories judged in the Oregon Art Annual competition;
  • The Home Arts & Hobbies categories include fly tying, poetry, ceramics, table decorating and paper arts, too;
  • The Oregon State Fair Salon of Photography has an international exhibit open to worldwide competition;
  • Home brewed beer and winemaking competitions are fierce in this state that specializes in producing so many good beers and wines;
  • The Oregon State Fair is held in Salem and begins at the end of August and runs through Labor Day.

Get Ready to Party at the Illinois State Fair by Marc Carroll of Moline, Illinois.

“Frankly, when we go to the fair we just want to party,” says Marc. The good times keep rolling year after year at the Illinois State Fair:

  • Motocross, truck and tractor pulls, bull riders and harness racing are just a few of the popular sporting events at the Illinois State Fair;
  • National acts perform on the fair’s concert stages and exotic animals are on display for an untamed view of nature at its finest;
  • The Ethnic Village highlights multiple cultures with costumes, food, music and dance;
  • The Illinois State Fair begins the second week of August in Springfield, Illinois. Over 700,000 people attend the Fair each year.

We thank our contributors:

  • Darrin Gleeman New York, New York
  • Steve Foster Portland, Oregon
  • Marc Carroll Moline, Illinois

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