Nicocure Quit Smoking Pills – A “Best Quit Smoking Aid”

Nicocure Quit Smoking Pills – A “Best Quit Smoking Aid”

Nicocure - quit smoking patch - all, natural, no nicotine, contains Lobelia Inflata Extract

Nicocure Quit Smoking Pills have made our list as a “Best Quit Smoking Aid”. Nicocure is similar to the Zero Nicotine Patch in that it does not contain nicotine yet, through its own herbal formula, promotes a cigarette-free lifestyle by tricking the body into believing it is receiving nicotine. In fact, the main ingredient in Nicocure, called Lobelia, is the main ingredient that convinces the body it is nicotine. However, Lobelia’s effects on the body are said to last longer than nicotine.

The Nicocure website states that it is physically possible to smoke cigarettes while you are on the Nicocure Quit Smoking Pill regimen although nausea and dizziness can occur. The desire to quit smoking cigarettes should abate significantly after 10 days on Nicocure pills.

Smoking at a reduced rate should mitigate anxiety levels and other withdrawal symptoms in the short-term but we suggest you work to eliminate cigarettes from your daily routine as quickly as possible. The point of this quit smoking exercise is to help you to stop smoking, perhaps first by reducing the daily number of smoked cigarettes. But, remember, the goal is to quit smoking now. Reduction should lead to elimination.

Nicocure - quit smoking patch - all, natural, no nicotine, contains Lobelia Inflata Extract

Know About Lobelia Inflata
The main difference between Nicocure and the Zero Nicotine Pills is the Lobelia Inflata ingredient. Lobelia is, ironically enough, North American Indian tobacco. The plant itself is called Lobelia while the extract is named Lobelia Inflata.

Lobelia Is A Respiratory Stimulant
Lobelia Inflata’s primary purpose was to treat bronchial asthma and bronchitis. Today, it is used in Nicocure Pills because Lobelia is known to improve damage to the respiratory tract while concurrently expectorating the lungs quickly of mucous buildup.

Lobelia Is A Smoking Deterrent
There is another clear added benefit to Lobelia. Not only does Lobelia clean your lungs but it makes you not want to smoke. How? Lobelia also affects your taste buds in that cigarettes begin to taste more and more unpleasant. Thus, your desire to smoke is adversely affected.

Lobelia Is A Respiratory Relaxant
We all know that smokers attempting to quit get jittery and anxious. Withdrawal anxiety can ruin your day. Fingers move as if they’re tapping drums, heads twitch, legs can’t stay still, etc. Well, Lobelia combats that, as well. It is a relaxant and helps to promotes calmness and tranquility.

Lobelia Inflata Ingredients
Lobelia Inflata contains Lobeline and Isolobelanine, the former a respiratory stimulant and the latter a respiratoryrelaxant. The combined action of stimulation and relaxation is truly an interesting holistic approach to smoking cessation and physiologic recovery.

Lobeline – powerful respiratory stimulant, equalizes circulation.

Isolobelanine – emetic (induces nausea and vomiting) and respiratory relaxant which stimulates expectoration while relaxing the muscles of the respiratory system.

Nicocure Pill Application
The Nicocure patch was a quit smoking application applied to the skin preferably on a hairless part of the body. The preferred location for the patch was on the inner arm. It was suggested that a different location be chosen for subsequent patches to allow the affected area to breathe. Each Nicocure quit smoking patch lasted 24 hours. The new Nicocure pill is ingested orally. No patches are needed.

Nicocure suggests that eating fresh citrus and drinking lots of clear water will combat cigarette cravings.

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