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For centuries, people have relied on natural healing as an alternative medical treatment for improving physical and mental health. Homeopathic doctors, eating organic foods, learning meditation and relaxation techniques, turning towards alternative medicine and developing healthy habits can help you live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Anthony Pierpont of St. Paul, Minnesota talks about natural healing and homeopathic doctors and Joan Mullins of Savannah, Georgia tells us about the right herbal supplements to take to improve your health today.

Natural Healing Replaces Traditional Health Care by Anthony Pierpont of St. Paul, Minnesota

In the old days, natural healing techniques were frowned upon by traditional medicine. Today, more and more traditional doctors refer patients to homeopathic doctors for additional or continuing treatment. There are a number of natural healing practices that have gained popularity in recent years. Some of the most widespread alternative therapies include chiropractor treatments, massage therapy, Reiki and acupuncture.

Get Natural Healing When You Are in a Chiropractor’s Care
Chiropractors are not always homeopathic doctors, but they often use herbal supplements and natural healing to help their patients. People often begin visiting a chiropractor for help with their back, headaches or general aches and pains. But find a trustworthy chiropractor who specializes in natural healing, and you can receive treatment for ailments including PMS, inflammation and food allergies.

Fall in Love with Natural Healing From a Massage Therapist
Massage therapists, such as New Freedom Laser in Maine, offer natural healing through the use of their skilled hands. A number of people feel uncomfortable with the idea of letting a stranger touch them in an intimate manner. But massage therapists are highly trained to relax you and to help ease general or localized aches and pains. Massage therapy beautifully complements a lifestyle filled with physical exercise, healthy eating and efforts to manage stress.

Reiki Reduces Stress, Promotes Natural Healing
Reiki, a Japanese method for reducing stress and promoting natural healing, has been used to help people heal since the early twentieth century. Reiki practitioners use their hands to bring energy to their patients. Reiki healers believe that a low life force energy contributes to increased stress and risk for disease. Reiki treatments provide patients with high life force energy to help them ward off sickness. Reiki is a method of spiritual healing that’s all-natural and devotees claim to be healthier and happier as a result of treatment.

Acupuncture Accurately Cures What Ails You
Acupuncture is one of the oldest methods of natural healing in the world. Developed in China, acupuncture treats patients by unblocking their chi, or natural energy. Homeopathic doctors insert needles into patients in any of 500 areas of the body that relate to specific ailments. People seek out acupuncture treatments to find relief for everything from smoking cessation to weight loss to stress management.

Herbal Supplements Provide Natural Healing by Dr. Brett Ferdinand of Montreal, Canada

Herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals are available to treat a wide variety of ailments. You can find supplements in almost any grocery store and most health food stores. However, visiting a homeopathic doctor first to find out what herbal supplements you need to take is recommended. There are a number of supplements available to buy; the trick is finding the right combination for you.

Some herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals that traditional and homeopathic doctors recommend:

  • Folic acid is a popular component of herbal supplements that helps produce normal red blood cells, decreases the risk of high blood pressure and helps fight off anemia. Pregnant women who take folic acid also have a reduced chance of birth defects.
  • Herbal supplements with ginger help ease digestion, menstrual cramps and relieving nausea symptoms, even in pregnant women. Ginger is also believed to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels, preventing migraine headaches or decreasing their frequency.
  • Ginkgo biloba herbal supplements help you improve your memory and become more mentally alert. Gingko biloba, found in an ancient tree native to China, is also purported to lower blood pressure and fight disease.
  • Ginseng is another herbal supplement that helps improve mental alertness, reducing fatigue and improving memory. Homeopathic doctors sometimes prescribe Ginseng to people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Herbal supplements that contain flax reduce your overall cholesterol and significantly reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) levels, too.
  • Herbal supplements with a green tea infusion help protect and sustain your heart and immune system. Rich in antioxidants, home-brewed green tea is reputed to prevent cancer, improve arthritis symptoms and reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Omega-3 supplements provide you with an essential fatty acid found in fish oil that reduces the risk of heart disease. Since most people, even if they love seafood, don’t eat fish on a regular basis, taking these supplements gives you the benefits of eating fish in a (tasteless) capsule.
  • Take herbal supplements that contain Zinc to improve your immune system, help wounds heal and to ward off a cold. Zinc only seems to work at the very onset of a cold. Taking Zinc supplements seems to lessen the effects and to shorten the length of the cold.

For best results, work with a homeopathic or traditional doctor to find the right combination of herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals for you.

We thank our contributors:

  • Anthony Pierpont of St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Dr. Brett Ferdinand of Montreal, Canada

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