Music On Hold

Music on hold is a technique that corporations have used to great success over the years. As many of us have experienced, when we call into a company and do not access our intended contact immediately, we are placed into phone purgatory and we typically are presented with music on hold programs or tracks. The purpose of music on hold is to keep us entertained, content, happy and to prevent us from hanging up. Music on hold is especially useful when trying to contact call centers, i.e., for product order questions, merchandise return questions, product repair problems, etc.

Music on hold has evolved from raspy and predictable Muzak-type tracks to sophisticated and professionally mastered programs. Companies have three options when implementing a music on hold program: they can outsource the initiative to a professional production company, buy Muzak or buy royalty free music, otherwise known as buyout music, background music or needle drop music. As we stated, since production and music quality have improved over the years, you do not want your listeners to hear antiquated pieces of Muzak. The music you choose reflects your company. So, you must choose the best quality music at the lowest possible price. You really don’t want to have to outsource the project because it will be very costly to your business and since music production is probably not your core competency, save your budget for more pressing initiatives. Choose music on hold from professional musicians and producers that is royalty free. In other words, pay a small one-time fee and use the music loop or program whenever you desire and for as long as you desire. Thus the term royalty free music. The music on hold production you choose will appear as if you did produce it yourself or spent lots of money having it produced and it will impress your customers.

Other terms for Music On Hold

Another term for music on hold is background music, buyout music or even elevator music. Of course, elevator music is music played in elevators whose purpose is to calm people as they travel to their intended destination within the office building. It’s truly amazing the effect that music has on behavior and mood. The point is that the same music that you purchase for your phone system – music on hold – can be played concurrently in the elevator of your store or business.

Again, choose professional quality recordings preferably produced by the real music industry professionals. It is as inexpensive as the predictable-type music you can buy so why opt for anything else?

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