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With some helpful tips from Took My Chevy to the Levee and a little planning, you’ll have a great time at the next music festival you attend. Many concert venues have attached campgrounds and offer special deals to concertgoers. Find a rock concert with a campsite and “you’ve got your whole weekend planned,” says Anthony Pierpont of St. Paul, Minnesota. And there are a “surprising” number of ways to find cheap or free classical and rock concerts and festivals in your area, according to Heather Polk of Fargo, North Dakota. Patty Marks of Newark, New Jersey helps us ponder the many things that can go wrong at a festival or concert, and how we can make them right again. “It’s not really what you want to be thinking about before you go, but we find that a little planning goes a long way to making the day fun and worry-free,” says Heather. Indeed.

Anthony Pierpont takes us through a couple of his favorite rock concert venues with campsites, Heather Polk tells us how to find cheap festival and concert tickets and Patty Marks helps us get prepared for a day at a music festival.

Find Rock Concerts with Campsites by Anthony Pierpont of St. Paul, Minnesota

Find rock concerts with campsites and turn a day at a festival into a destination weekend. We often buy tickets to summer events that have campsites. It makes the weekend a lot more fun, and cuts out a lot of the problems with going to shows. We don’t have to deal with traffic snarls after the concerts, and we don’t have to worry about getting on the road with drivers who were drinking all day, either. Find a rock concert with a campsite and start planning your weekend getaway now.

Legendary Rock Concerts at Ohio’s Legend Valley Include an Overnight Stay at the Campsite

A number of national acts, including rock, country and folk bands have played at Ohio’s Legend Valley concert venue and campsite outside Columbus. The outdoor amphitheater has featured bands including the Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Jimmy Buffett and Hank Williams, Jr. Almost anything goes at the campsites, and most weekends throughout the summer feature a rock concert or some kind of live music. Pets aren’t allowed, but otherwise, it’s a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. You’ll love wandering from tent to tent meeting and talking with people before and after the shows. The amphitheater is located across the street from the campsites, and you’ll find that music from the rock concerts echoes everywhere, due to the venue’s placement in a valley.

Find a Fun Weekend When You Go to a Rock Concert, then Stay Over at a Campsite at Indiana’s Verizon Wireless Music Center

Set in historic Noblesville, just north of Indianapolis, you’ll find fun rock concerts and modern campsites at the Verizon Wireless Music Center. Noblesville has plenty to offer if you’re staying over a weekend and want to see more of the area. An historic downtown and an old covered bridge are just a few of charming places to stop while you’re in town. You’ll find rock concerts and major festivals like the Vans Warped Tour, Ozzfest and the Family Values Tour when you visit Indiana’s Verizon Wireless Music Center and campsites.

Finding Cheap Festival and Rock Concert Tickets Makes Summer Inexpensive and Fun by Heather Polk of Fargo, North Dakota

There are a number of ways that you can find free or cheap festival and rock concert tickets for shows you want to see.

Look at websites to find cheap tickets for classical or rock concerts and regional festivals. Your local symphony orchestras and chamber orchestras probably have nights where they play for free in the summer. Orchestras like to do this to gain greater exposure or to raise money by donations for their symphony’s funds. Local rock bands also often play at regional festivals at no cost to fans to gain exposure.

You can find cheap festival tickets to rock concerts and more in a very unlikely place- your kitchen! Items like soft drinks, juice and popcorn often have coupons for festivals built into the bottle caps and product labels during the summer. Local sponsors of the festival, like grocery stores or restaurants, may also have discount coupons available. And, look through local coupon books to see if you can find additional discounts for festivals. Keep an eye out for rules and restrictions when you use coupons- the discounts may be limited to a certain time, specific days or have special exclusions.

Finally, consider volunteering to find cheap- or free- festival tickets to see your favorite rock bands play in concert. Festivals need help with providing qualified medical assistance and first aid, clean-up and maintenance, and staffing the information booth. By donating your time, you can help make a festival more enjoyable for others who attend and catch a free show!

Tips to Avoid the Side Effects of Concerts and Festivals by Dr. Brett Ferdinand of Montreal, Canada

Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can mar your day at a music festival. It helps to be prepared, to do some research before the show and to anticipate your needs on the day of the festival. Concert venue websites list what you can and cannot bring into a show. Every venue, and band, has their own rules about what you can bring inside. Though the Grateful Dead encouraged “tapers,” at other concerts you’ll have to give up your recording equipment, or get out of line to stow your video camera in your car. If you still have questions about what you can bring after looking at the venue’s website, call or email them with your question before you go.

Dr. Brett Ferdinand Talks About Some of the Side Effects of Concerts and Festivals and Ways to Avoid Them Include:

  • Tinnitus or “club disease” is ringing in the ears that can be caused by exposure to loud noise. The easiest way to avoid tinnitus at a festival is to stay away from the large speakers that are often placed next to the stage.
  • The side effects of alcohol can be severe on a hot day. Stay hydrated if you decide to drink by alternating drinks with plenty of water, and don’t skip meals.
  • You may find that the campsite conditions at your rock concert are primitive. If this is a problem, research ahead of time to make sure the campground is the right place to spend a night or weekend.
  • Spending a day in the sun can quickly sour if you get sunburned. Slather on the sunscreen before you go, and find out if you’re allowed to bring a small bottle into the venue to reapply during the day.
  • Sacrifice looks for comfort. Avoid getting painful blisters by wearing shoes that you can feel comfortable in all day long. And bring band-aids just in case.
  • Brings snacks if allowed and avoid the cost of high-priced festival foods.
  • Keep aspirin and any prescription medicine that you take regularly on hand.
  • Traffic can be so bad at the end of a concert that you’re often better off just waiting to leave. Find a quiet spot to sit down, relax, and discuss the events of the day before you head home.
  • A fun day at a festival can also be a long day, so bring a concert chair or a blanket if the venue allows you to do so.

We thank our contributors:

  • Anthony Pierpont St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Heather Polk of Fargo, North Dakota
  • Dr. Brett Ferdinand of Montreal, Canada

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