List of Favorite Comedy DVD Movies

The List of Favorite Comedy DVD Movies gives you ideas for the best movies to rent or buy for your comedy DVD collection. Comedies are usually broken out by type and include the following:

  • Slapstick comedies include a lot of physical humor, and they’re a throwback in a way to the silent film era. In the 1920’s, silent film actors often used physical humor to make up for the lack of sound. Jim Carrey and Peter Sellers are widely regarded as experts in the slapstick comedy genre of films.
  • Verbal comedy is humor expressed in conversation between characters in a film. Woody Allen has turned verbal sparring into an art form in most of his films.
  • Romantic comedies became incredibly popular during the 90’s, with the genre typified by movies like When Harry Met Sally, starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as two friends who never seemed to get it right. Buy a romantic comedy on DVD and expect to laugh, cry and hope desperately that the film’s star-crossed lovers end up together.
  • Satirical comedy DVDs are parodies and are often campy, as in the Naked Gun movie series that poked fun at police shows on TV.
  • Black comedy is an offbeat addition to the genre; subjects range from war to death to extramarital affairs to everything in between- I Love You to Death with Kevin Kline (included in Darrin Gleeman’s list below) is a classic black comedy centered on a wife’s attempts to murder her husband.

There’s something for everyone on Darrin Gleeman’s list of best comedy DVD movie rentals. “I’m a slapstick humor kind of guy,” says Darrin, “but I also appreciate the merits of any great comedy flick that makes me laugh out loud.” We’ve also added some helpful tips on where you can buy the comedy DVDs on Darrin’s list.

Honorable mentions on the list of favorite DVD comedy movies go to 9 to 5, Beverly Hills Cop and There’s Something About Mary.

Funny You Should Ask: Best Comedy Flicks by Darrin Gleeman of New York, New York

  1. The Pink Panther, The Return of The Pink Panther, Revenge of The Pink Panther and The Pink Panther Strikes Again. It’s hard to pick just one of the classic Peter Sellers movies. They’re all so good! It’s Peter Sellers at his bumbling, wacky best as the investigator to beat in these movies… and get beaten. Henry Mancini’s classic music is mentioned in the list of favorite movies and soundtracks, too. Tip: Browse the comedy DVDs section at the flea market to find the lowest prices on Pink Panther movies.
  2. Bull Durham– one of the best comedies of all time? OK, so maybe it’s kind of a “chick flick,” or maybe this should go in the drive-in movie list. But Timothy Robbins in lingerie, Kevin Costner as the wise old catcher telling the batter from another team what to expect from the next pitch… It’s a roller coaster ride of laughs all the way to the last inning.
  3. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Steve Martin and the ever-charming Michael Caine as two rapscallions out to get whatever they can off of the ladies. Funny, smart and with a great ending… Again and again, this movie makes us laugh.
  4. Caddyshack. Nananananana… Chevy Chase is like a dry martini in a Kangol cap in this strange, smart and laugh out loud movie. Ted Knight is exasperated and near breaking point- in other words, at his best. Remains one of the best comedy DVD rentals due to the ongoing battle between the gopher and the groundskeeper. A classic movie with one of the best soundtracks of all time- it never lets you down when you need a movie to make you laugh.
  5. Victor/Victoria showcases that ever-present favorite on our lists of favorite movies and best movie soundtracks: Julie Andrews. A woman, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman, and James Garner as the baffled gangster… Beautifully shot, beautifully sung and always on our list of favorite movies. Tip: Watch for low prices on musicals and comedy DVDs at stores just before the Christmas holidays, when prices on the classics tend to drop.
  6. Best in Show: Any list of best comedy DVD rentals worth its salt will include any or all Christopher Guest films. This pseudo-documentary goes behind the scenes to peer at the secret world of dog shows. You know the movie’s good because so many dog breeders hate it- it’s just too funny and too real.
  7. One of the best comedies on our list of favorite movies is Honeymoon in Vegas. Not to be confused with Leaving Las Vegas (which isn’t funny at all). Radiant Sarah Jessica Parker, a beleaguered Nic Cage, the dominating Jimmy Caan and the Flying Elvises make this romp in the city of secrets funny and sweet. Today’s stars singing Elvis makes it a shoo-in for next year’s list of the best movie soundtracks.
  8. Tootsie is on most of the lists of best comedy movies. Dustin Hoffman as a man, pretending to be a woman, in order to get acting work. Hilarious mix-ups quickly ensue. Teri Garr sparkles as the girl who’s always just a friend.
  9. In A Fish Called Wanda, bumblers move heaven and earth to betray each other after committing robbery. If you don’t laugh when K-K-K-Ken comes to k-k-k-kill Kevin Kline in this movie, you’re made of stone.
  10. I Love You to Death made it onto the list of best comedy movies primarily because of that down and dirty Lothario, Kevin Kline. Tracy Ullman shines as the long-suffering wife of the philandering Kline; William Hurt is hilarious as a stoner hit man in this warm and witty movie. Tip: Look online to buy comedy DVD collections starring Kevin Kline at the lowest prices.

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