Lamppost Conversations

It’s been a few weeks since the Democratic and Republican National Conventions have wrapped up. Usually, one party will enjoy a pretty nice spike in approval rating right after their Convention has ended. This year, however, it just didn’t happen. Both parties experienced approval ratings far less than 10%. In the weeks since the Convention ended, McCain had a slight edge in the National polls but Obama has edged ahead the past couple of days and might hold that lead, at least in the short-term, as McCain suspends his campaign to go back to Washington to try to help negotiate a better Bailout Bill.


Clinton last night on Larry King live mentioned that each party has about a 45% voting base. Don’t know if he’s right but even if he’s off a little, the point is made: Obama and McCain are fighting for the vote of 10% of uncommitted Americans. Is it possible that the Presidential Election plays out like the scenario depicted in Kevin Costner’s Swing Vote? Could the election hinge on one state? Then a particular county of that state? Then finally, when all votes are counted, we realize there is still a tie which can be broken because the vote of one citizen was not counted?


What People under the Lamppost are Saying These Days


Palin’s selection was an affront to women. Why would the Republicans think that they could buy the Hillary vote simply by hiring Palin as the Deputy Sheriff? She’s good-looking, though.


When is Obama going to lay out his plan. When is he going to tell me how he is going to take care of me, my family and especially my small business? I want to vote for Obama but I can’t right now. I could change my mind but it’s up to Obama to convince me. Here’s why: Obama has been preaching for 2 ½ years now that he is going to tax the rich and help the less fortunate. That‘s a big word: the less fortunate. Who makes up the less fortunate? Well, the very people I see him speaking in front of: fellow blacks, Hispanics, etc. What about small business-owning blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Caucasians, Persians, etc.? I don’t ask for handouts. I get up and work all day long. I pay my taxes. I can’t afford a house because the real estate prices in the state I live in are way too high. I’m frankly tired of the Democrats saying they will tax the rich and give it to the poor. They’ve been saying that since I was born which I think is why the Republicans have owned the White House for almost 60% of my lifetime. What’s wrong with being rich? I am in business to, yes, enjoy working for myself, but ultimately I would like to sell the business and reap the profits, however large. What I hear from Democrats is that it is ok to be rich, but not too rich. Frankly, I don’t care if McCain has 7 homes or 20 homes. That’s his business. Obama should know from Economics 101 that the reward should be proportionate to the risk. What I want from Obama is assurance that he can be creative and use his Harvard-educated mind to develop a plan that allows people to prosper while taking care of and encouraging the less fortunate. I belie e in helping the less fortunate. I believe in being socially responsible. I also believe in developing a prosperous business. Obama, how are you going to allow me to do that? For now, the vote goes to McCain but Obama, if you’re listening, I’m all ears.


Why are people so upset at the Palin selection? The complaints about Palin have been that she is a woman and, as such, McCain thinks he can get the Hillary women to cross the aisle. We haven’t heard much about her experience, in terms of complaints.


Agree or disagree with the Palin selection. That’s fine. But why be affronted because McCain is trying to woo your vote – if you’re a woman? Do people realize the Vice Presidential selection is all about politics? Remember Kennedy? He chose Lyndon Johnson from Texas. Kennedy hated Johnson. He would rather have eaten dinner with Nikita Krushchev than with Johnson. Kennedy needed the South and he needed Texas. There you have it. And it goes on. Obama chose Biden to try to neutralize the sentiment that he was too green, too inexperienced.


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