I Have No Idea What Powder Coating Is

Back in 2008, we talked about a topic that is part of everyone’s everyday life, yet it’s something that no one knows about. The title of that post was Powder Coating Can Save Homeowners $1,000’s. Today, not many more people kow what powder coating is and it’s a shame. it is one of the best kept secrets out there yet the process of powder coating can truly save homeowners, construction companies and other commercial interests thousands if not millions of dollars.

It is the goal of My Lamppost to spread the word and have powder coating become as ubiquitous a term as refinishing or restoration. Well, it’s not just our goal. Shivie Dhillon is managing partner of Sundial Powder Coatings in Sun Valley, CA – a suburb of Los Angeles. It’s his goal, as well and we are banding together to popularize powder coating and to market the many benefits of it. We want the term to roll of everyone’s tongue like Xerox or Coke and we want to help the many powder coaters across the country gain recognition and business for the great service they provide.

What is Powder Coating?

Well, it’s not a sexy name. That’s for sure which might be one reason no one knows about it. It was coined mostly to appeal to the commercial community of construction companies, architects and city engineers. Basically, powder coating is a unique and quality type of electrically-charged paint used to protect, decorate, refinish and restore a metal, steel, chrome or aluminum manufactured product – even MDR wood. It is truly inexpensive (cheap comes to mind but in no way should the process itself be considered cheap) yet is the most durable way to protect, refinish and restore a product – bar none.

Commercial Powder Coating

On the commercial side, it’s used on steel construction beams, large wrought iron fences, steel roofing, railings, light fixtures, and so forth. This is all product that looks painted but we never know that it’s painted differently. If you know a car enthusiast who restores cars, you’ve probably heard of powder coating. In fact, if a consumer has headrd of powder coating, all they know it’s some refinishing method that can be performed on old cars.

Powder Coating Uses for the Household

On the consumer side, the uses for powder coating are endless…

  • patio tables
  • patio chairs
  • mailboxes
  • barbecue grills
  • aluminum doors
  • office furniture
  • swingsets
  • toolboxes
  • bikes
  • toys
  • stuff in the garage like snowmobiles, lawnmowers, shovels, picks, etc.
  • steel beams used to construct your home
  • the fence around your yard
  • your car, motorcycle and your child’s Radio Flyer Wagon

Can’t I Just Spray Paint It?

Heard of Krylon paint? Of course you have. You and everyone you know (us included) has used it for decades to fancy up and protect everything possible around the house. And how long does the Krylon paint coat last? If you’re lucky, about 2-3 months before it chips, fades and breaks off. Most of the time, it’s chipped off in 10-14 days (our experience). And it’s bad for the environment. Heard of VOC’s? They’re volatile organic compounds that are toxic to people and to the environment. Yes, they’re found in spray paint. Spray paint aerosol cans are not cheap, either, running about $7-$8 per can. Your refinishing project requires alot more than one can. So, not only is it NOT CHEAP, spray paint is toxic and peels in no time. Yet, we still buy it because it’s marketed well and seems like the only alternative to refinishing and restoring.

In a nutshell, this is what got us to change our ways:

Spray painting not only DOESN’T WORK but it’s CARCINOGENIC and just plain IRRESPONSIBLE to use.

Prior to meeting Shivie a few years ago, we knew nothing about powder coating. Because of our friendship with him and Sundial Powder Coatings, we are converts to the power and benefits of powder coating and want to help him spread the word, across the United States and beyond.

Powder coating will save consumers $1,000’s and will restore the original quality luster and color of your patio furniture, car, grill, fence and any other manufactured product you own.

What We’re Doing to Spread the Powder Coating Word

We founded a company called Powder Coating Zone and it’s goals are simple:

  1. to make “powder coating” as popular a term as Xerox or Coke;
  2. to connect consumers (and commercial interests) across the United States with powder coaters in their area in an easy, efficient and stress-free way.

Find a steel, metal, aluminum or chrome product in your home or garage today and get it powder coated. We’ll help you. Visit Powder Coating Zone, complete the “Get Free Price Quote” Form and let us find you 3 or 4 powder coaters to offer you a quote.

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