How to Play Casino Games

When we hear people talk about Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or even Monte Carlo, visions of monetary grandeur often flow through our imaginations. We think of large rooms filled with the steady din of slot machines while in the middle sit hundreds of wooden tables lined with green felt cloth and multi-colored chips inviting us to watch, admire, commiserate, celebrate, sit and yes, bet. We envision huge payoffs, handshakes, hugs and early retirement. Where there is chance there is opportunity.

Casino games offer bettors the quickest and easiest method to win money without having to go to work for it. But, then again, betting on casino games is also the quickest and easiest way to lose money. We know that casinos build odds into their games that are in their favor yet we still travel hundreds and thousands of miles to participate. Why? We asked Dr. Brett Ferdinand, a contributor, to help us understand why we gamble on casino games.

Why Do We Gamble on Casino Games?

“We love the risk”, explains Dr. Ferdinand. You often hear about enjoying the journey. Well, placing bets is exciting because it offers a high reward and it is the first part of the journey – whether the end result is a win or a loss. Adrenaline flows and nerves rattle.”

A casino, like a movie or exotic vacation, offers you the chance to delve into an entirely different environment that shows no resemblance to your normal life or routine. Some call it escapism. It might be the betting that attracts you but it could also be the show girls, the free drinks, the absence of time, the shows, or the energy of the people around you.

“Some casino games are, by nature, social”, says Dr. Ferdinand.Craps and roulette tables, for instance, are set up to allow many people to stand around them to jointly participate. A win for one person is often a win for the entire table. Handshakes and high-fives abound. Where else, as an adult, can you get that feeling?”

So, it is because of this fascination with casino games and gambling that we offer these tips on how to play and win at the world’s most popular casino games:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Baccarat, and
  • Roulette

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