Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Los Angeles Headshot Photography

It seems as though there are as many headshot photographers in Los Angeles as there are actors needing headshots. So, how do you discern one from another? We ask Fred Palmerino Photography

How to Choose a Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles

  • price is important but not the leading discerning factor. It’s better to spend the money and get your headshots photographed right the first time.
  • always better to get a reference – ask your colleagues or fellow actors who their headshot photographers were and ask if they liked the results
  • did your colleagues enjoy the experience? Was the photographer friendly and accommodating or were they just another revenue source before the next revenue source walked through the door? If there is any tension or pressure, your photographs will show it.
  • check out the headshot photographer’s portfolio. Look for headshots, poses, gender and skin-tones similar to you and similar to what you may want in your photographs
  • look at the subject’s eyes – do they tell a story? Is the subject relaxed? The focus of the headshot is the eyes. The photograph begins there.
  • How many headshots will the photographer take? You should take as many as necessary to get “the look” you’re looking for.
  • You should be allowed at least three (3) wardrobe changes. Sometimes a change of color completely transforms the image into art.
  • Last factor is price. Good photographers will charge about $250 per session because their work is worth it. It’s done once. It’s done correctly. You go off and focus on your next audition, not the next headshot photographer to use. If you are short on cash, ask if they have assistance. Some headshot photographers understand the challenges of the journey. Most have been or are in your shoes. If you do receive financial assistance, you must commit to paying it forward: recommend that headshot photographer to your friends and colleagues.

What is Photography – a quick primer

Photography focuses on just 3 variables:

  • light
  • photographer expertise
  • subject

Photography is simply the art of using light to create a picture. The photograph of the same subject can look different depending on the amount of light and the composition of the photograph.

The photographer must have expertise in understanding and manipulating light to his/her advantage.

The photographer must work with the subject so the subject is prepared and relaxed. The subject should know the purpose of the photograph. In other words, what acting jobs will this photograph help land for you?

Fred Palmerino
Fred Palmerino Photography – Los Angeles Headshot Photography

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