How Do You Quit Smoking? Make the Intention to Quit Smoking

How Do You Quit Smoking? Make the Intention to Quit Smoking

You can fool yourself into thinking that you will magically achieve long-lasting success by seeking Quit Smoking help in the form of an herbal supplement, gum, patch or other quit smoking product or service. If you think a product will magically change your desire to smoke, the thought is misguided and will lead to failure.

How do you quit smoking? First, by creating the intention quit. After the intention to quit smoking, you can move on to the product selection to assist with your cravings and organ restoration. Without intention, you cannot achieve anything in life. Think back to how badly you wanted anything in life. Remember what you did: you persevered, you were dedicated, you were focused and one day, in a seemingly miraculous way, that thing became manifest. That thing could have been a bike, a car, a new house, an A in physics, a job promotion or even a website to promote health and long life to smokers. You can “Just Do It” and hope that your heart follows. When your heart follows, you have passion. When you have passion, you have achieved intent.

How to Avoid Starting Smoking Again

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Somewhere down the road, probably during the first year or even during the first month after you quit smoking, you will find yourself in and around cigarette smokers. Since a portion of cigarette addiction is habitual, you might be reminded of smoking on your drive home from work, which may have been a typical smoking ritual for you. You will succumb to the mental and biological pressure to smoke if you cannot rely on your intention to quit. As a result, do your best to eliminate all stimuli, signs and patterns associated with smoking which will help you when you are placed in a smoking situation out of your control. Take a different route home if you can. Ask your friends to not smoke around you. Most bars are smoke-free now. Most restaurants are also smoke-free. Some quit smoking products offer terrifically potent aromatherapy solutions that will assist you when you feel the cravings to smoke cigarettes. But, realize that these are stop smoking aids. Your intentions to stay smoke free will determine your long-term success.

Remember that 80% of those that “intend” to quit smoking fail. Whether they employ the help of a stop smoking aid is immaterial in the long run. It is the intention at first that matters. Once you’ve truthfully made the intention to stop smoking, choose your stop smoking aid of choice.

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