Good Diet Drugs

Good Diet Drugs

Olive Oil and Canola Oil are Good Diet Drugs
Olive oil and canola oil are good diet drugs. Both are safe and contribute to healthy living. I know – you’re bummed out I dont have any diet drugs to sell you on this page. You have that opportunity elsewhere on the site but pay attention to what I’m telling you because most of you dont know this.
What are the health benefits of olive oils and canola oil? Is olive oil healthier than canola oil?

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Olive oil is a good diet drug and contributes to weight loss because it reduces the chance of heart disease when part of a healthy diet. Even people that consume a high fat diet yet include olive oil have lower rates of heart disease.

Proof that Olive Oil is a Good Diet Drug
Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat (one of the good fats and helps to lose weight) so if you replace a high fat diet with a good diet drug like olive oil as a component, you are, in essence, reducing the intake of saturated fats and thus lowering the LDL cholesterol levels in your body. LDL is the bad cholesterol and HDL is good cholesterol.

Another reason olive oil is a good diet drug is that it contains substances known as polyphenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that may fight forms of cancer, some gastrointestinal diseases and artheriosclerosis (,1997Feb127(2):286-92).

One form of a polyphenol – resveratrol – is found in red wine and is known to improve cardiovascular health and may even fight some forms of cancer.


There are three types of olive oil:

  1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is wine derived from the first press of the ripe olive. It is used for food flavoring/complement rather than for cooking purposes. It contains the highest density of polyphenols.
  2. Pure Olive Oil can be used to cook foods, contains higher levels of monounsaturated fats and lower levels of polyphenols.
  3. Light Olive Oil maintains a less distinctive taste than the aforementioned types and is used for cooking at high heats.

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Proof that Canola Oil is a Good Diet Drug
Canola oil is another good diet drug and it contributes to weight loss because it contains the lowest levels of saturated fat when compared to other consumable oils such as olive oil, corn oil or soybean oil. Canola Oil is a good diet drug because it contains approximately 7% of daily allowable saturated fat, high levels of monounsaturated fat (61%) and moderate levels of polyunsaturated fat (22%). Nutrition experts recognize canola oil as having the best fatty acid ratio.

In comparison, Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 9% saturated fat and regular Olive Oil contains 10% saturated fat. Other saturated fat levels of interest: Coconut Oil = 91%, Butterfat = 68%, Lard = 43%, Peanut Oil = 19%, Soybean Oil = 15%, Corn Oil = 15%, Sunflower Oil = 12%.

Another reason canola oil is a good diet drug is that it contains a high level of the monounsaturated fat oleic acid – 61% – which is known to reduce serum cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol.)

Canola oil as a good diet drug contains a moderate level of polyunsaturated fats: 22% daily allowance of linolenic acid and an appreciable level of alpha-linolenic acid (11%). Alpha linolenic acid is effective in lowering serum triglyceride levels while reducing platelet aggregation and increasing blood clotting time which play a significant role in reducing coronary heart disease.

After employing these oils, reducing your high-glycemic food intake and beginning an exercise regimen, weigh yourself again then re-calculate your BMI.


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