Fun Kids’ Festivals

Bring your children to fun kids’ festivals to expose them to different types of cultures. If you live in the city, a farmer’s festival known for its fruits can be an eye-opening experience for them. If you live outside of the city, a downtown city festival lets your kids learn a little about the fast-paced life outside of the suburbs.

Festivals geared towards children offer interactive games and contests that your kids will love, allowing them to flex their competitive muscles. Educational festivals help your kids increase their knowledge in a way that’s fun and thought-provoking. And best of all, it’s a way to spend quality time together outdoors, with plenty of fresh air and walking involved.

Find a festival for the whole family to enjoy with the Best Festivals Guide. You don’t exactly want to show up at Lollapalooza, Ozzfest or the Burning Man festival with your kids in tow. Not to worry- Doug Melvin of Boise Idaho tells us that there are educational and fun kids’ festivals in Florida and Alabama and hot air balloon festivals available in New Mexico, Alabama and Canada that the whole family will love.

And Chris O’Sullivan of Red Bluff, California weighs in on strawberry festivals, telling us that these celebrations are family friendly so you can bring your kids and enjoy a great day- or evening- together.

Fun Kids’ Festivals for the Whole Family to Love from Doug Melvin Boise, Idaho

“These fun kids’ festivals get the whole family involved in games and events where we work together as a team,” says Doug. “It’s a lot more fun to go to spend a day at a festival with our children than to while away the summer hours by the pool.”

  • An outstanding kids’ festival, with swashbuckling costumed pirates kicking up a fuss all over town, and a treasure hunt for kids and adults. The Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Billy Bowlegs festival pays tribute to a notorious 18th century pirate with a festival that’s interactive- your whole family will enjoy this Florida festival for kids. Begins in early June.
  • A unique kids’ festival includes an arts and crafts show, athletic events and a “Keller Kids” program. The Helen Keller festival runs during the third week of June in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Hot Air Balloon Festivals in New Mexico, Alabama and Canada from the Best Festivals Guide- Doug Melvin Boise, Idaho

Hot air balloon festivals teach the whole family about the wonderment of the hot air balloon industry. From how balloons fly, to how one might become a balloon pilot, the festivals offer fun and interactive games and learning tools for everyone. “The hot air balloon festivals are a fun kid’s festival that the whole family enjoys,” says Doug. “It brings out the childlike awe in each and every one of us.”

  • Hundreds of balloons take off in flight each year at the Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Festival. People come from around the world to watch the balloons at this magnificent 10-day festival in New Mexico. October.
  • The Decatur, Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival has been setting balloons in flight for more than 30 years. Balloon enthusiasts arrive from all corners of the earth to watch the two-hour Balloon Glow on the last day of the festival. End of May.
  • The Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival in Quebec is one of the biggest festivals in Canada.Dozens of hot air balloons, amusement park rides, a miniature zoo and music concerts provide something for the entire family to enjoy. Early September.

Strawberry Festivals
Chris O’Sullivan, Red Bluff, California: Our Best Festivals Guide to Strawberry Festivals the Whole Family Can Enjoy.

“Strawberry festivals have been a tradition in states where strawberries are produced for many years,” says Chris. “The Florida Strawberry Festival started in 1930.” Many of the strawberry festivals have grown from their initial origins of “just” being a place for farmers to sell strawberries to an all-inclusive festival event, with carnival rides, games and contests- the Florida Strawberry Festival ranks among the top festivals in the state in state tourism guides.

Strawberry festivals help educate the public about the time and effort it takes to grow, package, buy and sell strawberries. The festivals are typically sponsored or organized by local civic organizations like the Lions Club, Kiwanis, Jaycees and the local American Legion posts. The festivals mean a lot to the communities they serve, and continue to grow in popularity across the country.

  • It’s hard to beat Arroyo Grande, California’s Strawberry Festival. One of California’s largest festivals, this kids’ festival includes a Strawberry Stampede, arts and crafts, music and strawberries: shortcakes, funnel cakes, milk shakes and ice cream. Yum!
  • The Tennessee Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove runs for 10 days at the end of May. Events and activities include the Strawberry Festival Parade and shopping at the arts and crafts booths.
  • The world’s largest winter Strawberry Festival resides in Plant City, Florida. The festival and fair features amusement park rides, delectable strawberry desserts and country music entertainers. Early March.

We thank our contributors:

  • Doug Melvin Boise, Idaho
  • Chris O’Sullivan Red Bluff, California

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