Exotic Places to Get Married

If you are thinking of a destination wedding, why not pick a really exotic place to get married – one that will have you and your guests reminiscing for years? You’d be surprised where you can find exoticism – from Bali to Cyprus to parts of Europe to right here in the United States. As you will see it is not always about the actual location as much as what you can do with that location.

Bali Weddings

The beautiful, exotic island of Bali, located in Indonesia, is made up of picturesque beaches, rice fields, mountains, and volcanoes. You can choose to have your wedding in a villa, on the beach, or even atop an elephant. Dr. Brett Ferdinand, a guest contributor from Eastern Canada, tells us that you must declare a religion when you marry in Bali. It’s true – and agnosticism and atheism are not recognized. Additionally, both partners must declare the same religion – so make sure you have all that worked out before you make the trip.

San Diego Weddings

While seventy miles of beaches surrounded by mountains, beautiful desert areas, and blue skies is certainly a wedding-worthy location, it might not strike you as exotic. But think of the possibilities. You could have a wedding at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, at Sea World, in a hot air balloon, on the Star of India sailboat, or at a variety of breathtaking outside locations throughout the city.

Dr. Brett Ferdinand recommends San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado. He’s not alone; the Travel channel named the Hotel del Coronado the number one wedding destination in America. This charming seaside resort was built in 1888. The Victorian landmark looks like a storybook castle by the sea – making childhood wedding fantasies come true for couples for over a century.

Skibo Castle Weddings

If you’ve always dreamed of a storybook wedding, San Deigo is not your only choice; the Skibo Castle, located in Dornoch, Scotland, might be the perfect place. Hollywood celebs like Madonna, Guy Richie, and Ashley Judd have all tied the knot on the stunning Highland countryside. The ceremony can take place in either the actual castle or the nearby Dornoch Cathedral. Because only Skibo hotel guests are allowed on the property during the day, all wedding guests should arrange to stay at the castle.

Santorini, Greece Weddings

Weddings in Santorini, Greece are like no other island location. Santorini is in the Cyclades Islands located in the Aegean Sea right off of the coast of Greece. The Cylcades are made up of about 220 islands and Santorini is one of the most well known. Mykonos and Delos are other well known islands in the group. Cyclades actually refers to the islands surrounding (or around) the sacred island of Delos. Santorini and the Cyclades are located just due south – southeast of Athens.

To get to Santorini, we recommend that you takea quick detour first. After you’ve landed in Athens head straight to The Coral Hotel in Paleo Faliro which is an Athens suburb and only a few minutes outside of downtown Athens. The Coral Hotel is a quaint 4-star boutique hotel that is truly Greek in every way possible. The food is excellent and represents cuisine from all areas of the country. The best part is that it is located right on the Saronic Gulf which makes incredible sunrises and sunsets a daily happening. Stay a couple of nights at the Coral and commute into Athens for shopping, sites, attractions and nightlife. If you go to Athens during the summer, however, the nightlife moves out to you: to the areas by the sea. Once you’ve spent a few days in Athens, drive a few minutes to the Port of Piraeus and head to Santorini.

Since we’re discussing the subject of weddings, The Coral Hotel also hosts loads of weddings for visitors to Athens. Greek weddings are a specialty.

Santorini is considered to be a small grouping of volcanic islands on the southern end of the Cyclades. It once was one island but volcanic activity has created many island structures. This volcanic island boasts wild beauty with its red and black beaches, ancient ruins, unique architecture, famous wineries and dramatic sunsets. And don’t forget the nightlife. The island is Greek after all and Greeks know their nightlife. The climate is ideal for outdoor celebrations and wedding photography year round because of its lack of humidity and constant sunshine. Having a ceremony on the unusual beaches is always a popular option, but you can also try one of three 1,000 foot high cliffs overlooking the volcano or a cove of olive and cypress trees for your romantic exchange of vows.

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