East Coast Weekend Road Trips

The Best Road Trip Guide has identified the East Coast as a special, relaxing yet historic area to visit if you’re looking for fun family holiday or summer ideas. An East Coast weekend road trip must include a romantic Vermont vacation and a Cape Cod getaway, especially if you’re traveling with a family in tow.

More people than ever before use the internet to research and plan fun family road trips. Research prices for lodging online, and then take the time to research additional options to make your trip a safe and happy one.

Consider vacationing with travelers cheques on your East Coast weekend trip. Travelers cheques can be used at most restaurants or stores, and are exchanged just like paper money. Travelers cheques are typically refundable if lost or stolen on vacation, and can usually be replaced within 24 hours. American Express allows multiple parties to buy travelers cheques together, so you or your companion can use them on your east coast weekend road trip. American Express and Travelex also offer check cards that are used like credit cards, but provide the same peace of mind as vacationing with travelers cheques. American Express copyrighted travelers cheques in 1891, and today, annual sales top $24 billion.

Important Safety Tips for Vacationing with Travelers Cheques from the Best Road Trip Guide:

  • Only countersign your travelers cheques when you’re going to use them;
  • Make a copy of your travelers cheques and keep them in a safe place;
  • Keep the travelers cheques’ service company phone number with you at all times;
  • When you vacation with travelers cheques, keep them separated from your cash and credit cards. This way you’ll still have back-up funds if items are lost or stolen;
  • Keep track of your receipts from stores and restaurants when you vacation with travelers cheques and double-check your bank and credit card statements when you return home from your East Coast road trip.

Our Family’s Favorite East Coast Weekend Trips Include a Vacation in Stowe, Vermont by Darrin Gleeman of New York, New York.  

Visiting the Green Mountain state, and the charming city of Stowe, is a must for a fun family East Coast weekend road trip or a romantic Vermont vacation with a loved one. Arts and culture, sprawling farms and charming historic districts are some of the many reasons to take a vacation in Stowe, Vermont.

Darrin Gleeman explains that his family likes to go on an East Coast weekend trip any time of year: “Plan to take a road trip to Vermont in spring for maple sugar season, summer for countless outdoor activities, and fall for changing foliage. Moreover, make sure to vacation in Stowe, Vermont in the winter for endless slalom and Nordic skiing opportunities, crisp fresh air, and a welcoming fireside community.” We couldn’t agree more.

Top 10 Great American Road Trip #7: You’ll find a lot to love when you vacation in Stowe, Vermont:

  • Enjoy a fun family road trip to see Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest mountain. 4,395 feet high, Mt. Mansfield attracts visitors year-round for hiking and skiing, making it a favorite stop on your vacation in Stowe, Vermont.
  • The best East Coast weekend trips for your family end at an ice cream factory. You can hardly take a vacation in Stowe, Vermont without a stop at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. Eating Phish Food here is like sampling Guinness Stout Beer in Ireland.
  • The best romantic Vermont vacations end at a winery. It’s only fair, if the kids get to go to Ben & Jerry’s, the adults get to visit the Boyden Valley Winery.
  • Enjoy rugged camping when you vacation in Stowe, Vermont. Nature is sacred to Vermonters. Billboards are not allowed on the pristine highways and byways. As a result, Vermont has some of the best campgrounds in the country.
  • Performing arts, art museums and galleries make the best East Coast road trips.Shopping in Stowe includes arts and crafts, jewelry, and glass most of which is handcrafted by area artists.

Family Holiday Ideas: Cape Cod Getaways, A Fun Family Road Trip All Year ‘Round by Mike Ward of Chicago, Illinois.

Searching for a fun family holiday idea? Consider taking a family road trip to Cape Cod – the perfect summer getaway. Cape Cod is a throwback peninsula extending from the main land of Massachusetts. It is frequented by the rich and famous but is a popular haven for families and twentysomethings looking for summer employment. Despite Cape Cod’s growth, it has still remained true to its simple sand and beach roots.

A Cape Cod getaway makes for a fun road trip that everyone in the family will enjoy. Whale watching is a favorite pastime throughout the waterfront towns. Family holiday ideas for activities include deep sea fishing tours, a more leisurely charter boat tour or you may choose to get out on the waterways with rented boats, kayaks or canoes. You can also get guided tours by land or air, a unique way to get a bird’s eye view of the area.

In Cape Cod, families come together at nighttime, also. Wannabe major league baseball players hone their skills each summer in the Cape Cod Summer League. Each town seems to have a team which makes their players accessible to young (and old) kids. There’s an ice cream parlor in every town and each of them churns their own. Miniature golf courses abound, also. But the main attraction is always the beach – the rougher seas on the Atlantic side and the softer tides on the inlet side.

Cape Cod Getaways: Truro, A Fun Family Road Trip.

  • Truro is a funky, fun little town that’s a must-stop during your East Coast road trip to enjoy Truro’s eight rugged beaches and the area’s oldest lighthouse.
  • Striking modern homes, few restaurants and the Castle Hill art center make the views in this Cape Cod getaway arresting, without being over commercialized.The few year-round residents are warm and friendly in this unpretentious little town.

Provincetown: A Cape Cod Tradition for Romantic Vermont Vacations.

  • Fishing boats and whale watching tours are always popular in P-town, nestled at the farthest end of Cape Cod.
  • Shopping and the arts are the hallmark of this Northeastern artist colony.
  • 30 miles of beaches with dramatic sloping dunes beckon hikers and shell-seekers alike.

Top 10 Great American Road Trip #8: Visit the Cape Cod Island Getaways of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

  • Visit the island of Martha’s Vineyard and you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time. Six island towns feature bed and breakfasts, historic inns and plenty of slow-paced family activities.
  • Located 30 miles off Cape Cod, Nantucket features plenty of unspoiled towns, beautiful beaches, charming historic homes and the freshest seafood you’ll ever sample. There are no bad restaurants on Nantucket Island. Visit the lighthouses, enjoy whale watching, or just relax, and enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. You can park on the mainland and ferry over or if your stay is longer than an afternoon, consider taking your car with you.

We thank our contributors:

  • Darrin Gleeman New York, New York
  • Mike Ward Chicago, Illinois

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