Diet Drugs

Diet Drugs

If you are searching for a website to research diet drugs or if you need weight loss help and don’t know where to turn, then All About Diet Drugs can help you to understand the qualities and complexities of each of the major and most talked about prescription diet drug pills noted. Each page notes diet drug history, dosage, composition and side effects. The information given is to inform you only. We do not sell nor do ever have an intent to sell diet drugs. If you really are convinced that diet drugs are your best way to lose weight, consult with your physician. Diet drugs can only be obtained through a prescription. Please do not attempt to purchase diet drugs online through any site other than your pharmacy’s site. We do recommend Weight Loss Plans as an alternative to diet drugs. Diet drugs might get the weight off quickly but they won’t keep it off. Good diet plans (or even good diet drugs) address your lifestyle as well as weight loss. want to live longer and be happier? Go the diet plan route. Change your life!

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Excess weight has been proven to contribute to or at least increase the risk of developing myriad medical problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes. The diet drugs listed in this site are intended as short-term remedies to get you back on the right track. They will help in the initial stages of your fight against obesity. Exercise and modified eating behaviors are your long-term strategy.

One note of caution: all diet drug information supplied on this website is intended to supplement and not substitute for the expertise and judgment of your physician or pharmacist or other healthcare professional. We’ve distilled all diet drug information from various sources on the Internet and hard bound medical reference books, i.e., The Physicians’ Desk Reference. Do not infer that use of any of these drugs is safe, appropriate or effective for you. It is merely a reference. Consult your physician before beginning a regimen of diet drugs.

This diet drug portal was composed out of necessity because it was found that diet drug information and weight loss information is scattered and sometimes incoherent. It is now consolidated in what we believe to be the best and most comprehensive resource on diet drugs and weight loss on the Internet. For instance, we focus on appetite suppressant diet drugs such as Phentermine (or Adipex, Adipex p or Ionamin), Bontril (Phendimetrazine), Didrex, Diethylpropion, Meridia and Tenuate as well as fat blocker diet drugs called Xenical. Xenical is not an appetite suppressant.

More Diet Drug Information
Most websites list specific indications or contraindications of any one diet drug but the information is there mostly as an afterthought. The main attempt is to sell the diet drug and it assumes you’ve already performed your own research. We, on the other hand, are determined to provide you with as much information as can be gleaned from trusted sources. However, continue to educate yourself, perform your due diligence and seek advice from myriad sources including medical doctors. As in the case of all searches performed on the Internet, it is a far better user experience if all of one’s needs be met with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

If you desire to complete a questionnaire online for submission to a pharmacist, we mandate that you do not provide false answers to any question asked. To do so is fraudulent but, mostly, you would be putting your body at risk. You should obtain a prescription from a person-to-person consult with your physician.

Using diet drug pills such as phentermine diet drugs, a pill that suppresses your appetite, should be part of a comprehensive weight loss program. A weight loss program does not begin and end with diet drug pills. Rather, it should be employed while you concurrently alter your eating habits and begin to exercise. At times, bad eating habits and lack of exercise are symptoms of a more far reaching issue. If you battle psychological problems, i.e., depression, lack of self-esteem or confidence or stress, consider consulting a medical doctor or another professional certified to assist you in altering your behaviors. Remember: always consult a healthcare professional before beginning a diet drug regimen.

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Alternatives to Diet Drugs
There are alternatives to employing diet drugs in your quest to lose weight. A lot of effort has been put forth here to educate those wanting to know more about weight loss and diet drugs, more about their bodies, more about food composition, proper food combinations that lead to weight loss, etc.

If you are interested in other methods by which to lose weight, I’ve researched and written about two excellent and philosophically differing options. Those seeking weight loss have found success with both plans. The Aktins Diet Plan is at its most popular today. Many fast food restaurants are marketing “Atkins-friendly” meals or sandwiches. It certainly is a diet that has caught the attention of the national public. Even members of my family have used it to great success. Those that criticize the Atkins Diet Plan do not agree with the high fat/low carb structure even though carbs are off-limits in the diet plan for a short period of time. Read all about it and decide for yourself.

The Fit For Life Program is not about dieting. It is not a diet. It is considered a way of eating, a way of life. The premise is that foods should be eaten in proper combinations and that increased energy will abound as a result. It is a Far Eastern way of thinking because energy levels are meant to be optimized in order for the body to assist us in achieving our life’s goals. All of the foods that you currently enjoy can still be enjoyed with this program. But, like most plans, candy and sweets are not considered nutritive and can spoil the benefits of a meal eaten just hours before. You can still eat those types of food but at least you know the effects. Read about it. You will be amazed at the history of the Plan and how it has been practiced for over 100 years.

If you would like to know more about carbs and what your body thinks about them and how it processes them, read more in safe weight loss and carbohydrates.

Are you confused about the benefits and “evils” of fat? Our supermarkets are littered with non-fat alternatives. Beers are low-fat or non-fat. Milk also. Is fat that bad? It is not but the marketers will not tell you. The issue in our society is that we tend to overeat. Anything greater than moderation can result in problems whether it be with food, water or fire. Fat is not the problem. Read more good stuff in safe weight loss and fat.

The last of the giants is a giant itself. Protein is responsible for 25% of the mass of our bodies. The other 75%? Like the earth itself, it is water. Do you know how important protein is? You would not be here today without the proper intake of protein. Are all proteins the same? No. Does peanut butter have the same nutritive value as a prime rib? Or even a soybean? No. You’ll know all of the answers after reading safe weight loss and protein.

Do you know the difference between saturated fat and unsaturated fat? You’ll find out in Olive oil vs. Canola oil. It’s a fun and light read.

Do you know what metabolism is? Do you know how to measure and when to measure your metabolism? Weight Loss and Metabolism will educate you.

Interested in the pure statistics on weight loss? Our page on weight loss information will expound on why we are so fat as a society considering our advanced education.

And, before we talk about healthy diet plans for you and your families, consider your weight loss issue in relation to diet drugs. If you at all feel uneasy about seeking a prescription for diet drugs and want to go it alone, seek help in your friends and family. Also, think about the times when you are most likely to eat. Is it when you’re alone? when you’re driving to work? watching TV at night? Consider changing your habits then. Think about substituting your fatty food for nuts or fruit at night. Or take a break from it all and change your routine entirely. Pack your laptop and cell phone and plan to take a prolonged trip to another state, a city far away or somewhere out of the country. Changing routine is an effective way to rid yourself of that routine. If you’re traveling, I would like to take a moment to ask you to support one of our special friends: WalletBe. WalletBe designs very special men’s and women’s wallets, many for every day, business and nightlife use. But, they do sell laptop sleeves and cell phone wallets which will make traveling a heck of alot easier for you. They have meant alot to us in our fight to end obesity and weight gain.

Healthy Diet Plans
Eating healthy just doesn’t mean eating the right foods and exercising. It gets a bit more complex but not hard to understand. Even healthy foods must be consumed in the right combination or else your body is not free to deploy its energy to weight loss. We have studiously researched the most popular weight loss plans and have listed the most popular and the most effective. The most popular weight loss diet plan in the last decade has been The Atkins Diet Plan. The most effective weight loss diet plan is the Fit for Life Diet Plan which stresses healthy foods and the proper combining of those foods. Once you begin to understand how to combine foods, you will no longer suffer from heartburn (in most cases) nor will you feel heavy for hours after a meal. You will fee light on your feet and notice that your waist line diminishes. Fit for Life is absolutely not a crash diet gimmick. It is a diet plan, unlike The Atkins Diet Plan, that you can live with for the rest of your life. Our latest diet plan addition is The 17 Day Diet Plan written by Carolyn Palmerino, who followewd the plan and reports on its results.


Weight Gain After You’ve Quit Smoking

Are you battling weight gain after you’ve quit smoking? Did you know that 17 million Americans try to quit smoking every year? And did you know that only 8% or 1.3 million are successful?

If you are one of those that has quit smoking, congratulations. But, keep in mind that the idea behind quitting smoking is to get healthy again. If you put on excessive weight after you’ve quit, then you are simply substituting one health risk for another. So, make a weight loss diet plan, or if you’re in the midst of quitting smoking, be proactive and plan your diet plan now before weight gain becomes an issue. Remember that there are basically two components of your cigarette addiction: the physical nicotine addiction and the psychological aspect which is the habit. There are plenty of stop smoking aids to help you to quit smoking, plenty of smart ways to keep the weight off, and lots of quit smoking stories to provide the encouragement…

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