“If All Else Fails” Quit Smoking Plan – Geoff Spice Goes to a Deserted Island for a Month

This seems like a desperate yet creative attempt for a man to quit smoking cigarettes. As picked up on Quit Smoking Hub, Geoff Spice, an investment banker, has decided he really needs to quit smoking. His wife and kids agree. He has tried a host of things to try to quit: nicotine patches, nicotine gum, a self-help quit smoking book, the “cold turkey” method, and I’m guessing hypnosis, pills and capsules, as well. None of it seemed to work, at least not permanently.

So, he is doing what he thinks he needs to do after 43 years of smoking. He’s getting out of Dodge. He’s escaping the temptation of smoking, the triggered habits of smoking and the smell of it all. He’s going to a deserted island off the coast of Scotland to a place called Sgarabhaigh (pronounced Scaravay), a 40-acre island in the Outer Hebrides.

Cool Idea to Quit Smoking - Escape to a Deserted Island
Cool Idea to Quit Smoking - Escape to a Deserted Island

He begins his quit smoking quest on August 1st and comes home on August 30th or September 1st. They say he’s spending a month on the island. He’s bringing with him a camp stove, bottled water, cellphone, laptop computer, guitar and an iPod that contains 120 books. The cellphone and laptop will be powered by a photo voltaic solar cell but he’ll have a windup handle with him to generate electricity in case he needs a backup power source. The island has no houses so he’ll need a tent. He also must do without electricity and running water.

Nice going, Geoff. And good luck. See you in September

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