Cigarette Smoking Prevents Allergies

Ok, so cigarette smoking is bad. The upsdie is that smoking cigarettes helps prevent allergies by decreasing the body’s reaction of its immune cells to allergens. When treated with cigarette smoke, mast cells could not release inflammation-inducing proteins. Although the study was performed on mice, the same effects will probably be the same for humans.

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  1. That’s very interesting…I have never heard about cigarette smoke being used to help prevent allergies. I guess it only goes to show that some good can come from something this bad. Very interesting indeed.

  2. Great post,Send you my picture. man, I quit on October 2, 2009. Not one cig since. Chewed some nicotine gum until November 29th. The cravings have been overwhelming at times. I keep thinking in terms of an alcoholic. I will not smoke today. I chew a lot of spearmint (not nicotine) gum. I’m still having what I call withdrawals…..griping!, wanting a cig so bad just for the taste! My hubby is still smoking and smoking in the home, anytime he wants one right in my face! I’m really having a ROUGH time. The only thing that keeps me from lighting up is that it is so damned hard to quit in the first place. I’m really not sure how long I can go. Can someone please help me? I just want to taste a cig again — just one—–I know, I know, I know!There is no such thing as “just one”. Once you light up again, you are right back where you started before you ever put them down….Damn, I really want one, but I will not smoke, just for today…..I need to go to bed. That will make the urestop, besides, it’s getting late…..Thank you all for letting me vent…….

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