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Special Guest: Cissy Petty, V.P., Student Affairs and Associate Provost at Loyola University – N.O.
Expertise: Leadership Training and Orientation, Counseling and Wellness


“Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire.”

– Dale Carnegie

We admire the leadership qualities that it takes to be a certified life coach. Coaches help people find their own leadership qualities, solve problems and succeed in business and in their personal lives. Certified life coaches have become increasingly popular in the last several years. Life purpose coaches work with a range of people including CEOs, small business owners, artists and writers. Customers who seek out coaching leadership have often achieved many personal and business successes, but feel a general dissatisfaction with their lives. In addition, people who are in the early stages of their career, or just switching careers, often seek out certified life coaches for assistance.

Learn more about why we admire certified life coaches with input from our contributors. Cissy Petty of New Orleans, Louisiana – who holds a Ph.D in Higher Education Administration with an emphasis on Student Development and is a Distinguished Scholar in Counseling, talks about why people choose a certified life coach, Kelly Case from Dallas, Texas talks about what services life purpose coaches provide and Kristin Garrison from Columbus, Ohio discusses how a life coach can help you.

Why Certified Life Coaches Are Qualified to Help by Cissy Petty of New Orleans, Louisiana

Certified life coaches bring a number of admirable credentials to their customers. First off, the most successful life purpose coaches are very successful themselves. They have a proven track record of business ideas that worked and a lifetime of personal achievements as well. Certified life coaches also have years of training with a coaching leadership company, or have experience running a coaching company.

Why Life Purpose Coaches Really Work
Life purpose coaches appeal to customers because they have a bird’s eye view of customers’ lives that clients won’t receive from friends, family or business associates. Certified life coaches are known for their open, honest nature- they’re paid well to be forthcoming with their clients. Life coaches rigorously approach improving the lives of their clients. Satisfied, successful clients keep the business humming, and help certified life coaches find new clients too.

How to Find Coaching Leadership You Can Count On
Coaching leadership companies screen their life coaches and provide them with intense training to prepare them to work with customers. These companies require that life purpose coaches maintain continuing education goals and constantly monitor their clients’ success. It isn’t always necessary to go through a national or international company to find a certified life coach. But, coaching leadership companies can provide you with some assurance that their life coaches are thoroughly trained and highly skilled, with a wide range of experiences.

Why Business Leaders and Regular People Choose to Use a Certified Life Coach by Kelly Case from Dallas, Texas

People from all walks of life choose to work with certified life coaches. Life purpose coaches help people who have seen multiple failures in personal relationships and business. Some people feel like they have achieved many business or personal successes, but still feel like something is missing from their lives.

Surprising Reasons Why People Seek Out Coaching Leadership
Surprisingly, most people who use coaching leadership services don’t list money as their number one reason for needing guidance. Typically, certified life coach customers want to progress in their work, education and personal relationships. However, making more money is often a subset of the work life purpose coaches and clients do together. Common reasons for seeking out coaching leadership include balancing home and work life, career changes, relationships, life purpose, time management and fulfillment.

How Leadership Coaching Brings Success to Clients by Kristin Garrison from Columbus, Ohio

Leadership coaches set goals for customers that are attainable but challenging. Life purpose coaches encourage customers to identify their goals, and help them discover their goals if they are unclear. Then, certified life coaches help their clients define their best motivational techniques to achieve their goals. Leadership coaching also includes identifying obstacles to success and developing a plan for success. Establishing checkpoints to determine the success of the plan are also an important component of leadership coaching.

We thank our contributors:

  • Cissy Petty, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Kelly Case of Dallas, Texas
  • Kristin Garrison of Columbus, Ohio

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