Best Places to Visit

The List of Best Places to Visit In and Around The World

Unlike most internet travel sites, we’ve actually visited for lengthy periods and/or lived in the destination and vacation cities we are about to tell you about. Want to know what to do and where to go when you visit popular US and European cities like Paris, Athens, Barcelona, Boston, Charleston and Grand Canyon National Park – in our opinion the best places to visit in and around the world? Read through our descriptive city pages and get a subjective view on what the most interesting attractions are or what might be the most interesting things to do.

Visit Paris for the romance, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Moulin Rouge. But, if you don’t sit, relax and absorb the Paris air in a Café, you will not have experienced Paris. Conversation is the heart of Paris.

Visit Barcelona for Gaudi’s architecture, La Sagrada Familia, Dali’s paintings, Las Ramblas and Montjuic. But, like Paris, do not leave without eating tapas in the Barrio Gotico and experiencing the graffiti. Art comes in all forms. In Paris, it could be conversation; in Barcelona, it’s on the walls and in towering curved spires.

Visit Boston for history. But don’t leave without experiencing the changing colors of the leaves in Fall.

Visit the Grand Canyon. A natural wonder of the world that is more awe-inspiring in person. Feel the energy of a million years of energy emitted from the rocks and Colorado river.

Visit Athens for the history, monuments, architecture and attractions. But, Athens is much more. It is now cleaner and renovated since the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. It is a safe city for walking tours, shopping, its fine restaurants, bars, beaches, experiencing its zoo and its National Garden. And don’t forget the nightlife. Athenians are known for it and it doesn’t shut down until the early morning hours.

And last, visit Charleston, South Carolina, one of the more underappreciated cities in the world. Enjoy the its beaches, its Civil War past and its plantations but do not leave without partaking of a walking tour which takes you by the beautifully rich colors of well architected colonial homes positioned sideways along city streets.

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