Background Music

Background Music is another name for Music On Hold. Make sure to purchase background music free of royalties at a one-time fee that allows you play the music repeatedly for as long as you want. Purchasing royalty free background music is preferred unless you intend to market a production soundtrack which is a significant complementary source of production revenue.

For most, opting for royalty free background music over soundtrack production is a more cost effective and less risky venture. The upside to purchasing the music is immediate in that there is no real investment. The one-time fee to acquire the rights is negligible. Therefore, you, as producer, are allowed to focus efforts on mastering and marketing your film or video.

If the background music you seek is intended for corporate use, you should never consider producing music on your own or outsourcing it. Corporations today need to look to Return-on-Investment meaning that gross revenues can be as important as gross expenses. Get your professional, high grade, wow ‘em music inexpensively.

Background Music Quality

There are differences to the quality of background music. Avoid predictable cheap sounds. Regard your production as a masterpiece and so will others. Ensure that your background music compilation represents the best of the genres you select, is unique, masterful and professional.

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