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While tens of millions are spent each year on organic foods, meditation and relaxation techniques and herbal supplements there are many holistic cures and alternative medicine remedies that you can find in your home or garden. The cost to stay healthy naturally is expensive. Bills for yoga classes and organic grocery shopping can quickly add up. So finding a way to make your own holistic cures can be a real money-saver. And making your own all natural cures is fun; learning what herbs work well together and which work best for you is an educational and enjoyable experience.

Doug Melvin of Boise Idaho talks about alternative medicine remedies, Chris Walker of Stowe, Vermont discusses creating your own holistic cures and Jeff Carter of Eugene, Oregon talks about tools of the trade for creating all natural cures.

Alternative Medicine Remedies Help Heal Common Ailments by Doug Melvin of Boise Idaho

Our favorite alternative medicine remedies are easy to use and all natural, providing relief for colds, the flu and common skin conditions. You can buy the ingredients you need for any of the holistic cures listed here at your grocery store or local health foods store. The neti pot is a favorite alternative medicine remedy. The neti pot is filled with warm salt water and inhaled into the nostrils to help clear up congestion during a cold. The neti pot can also help people who suffer from general sinus and allergy problems or live in an area with poor air quality.

Alternative Medicine Remedies Cure the Common Cold
There are several tried and true alternative medicine remedies for treating the common cold or flu. Gargling warm salt water helps ease the pain of a sore throat when you have a cold or the flu. Steam away your congestion by boiling rosemary, a key ingredient in many holistic cures, in a large pot of water. Cover your head with a towel and soak up the steam for ten minutes after removing the water from the heat. The steam from this alternative medicine remedy also helps open up pores and refreshes skin, leaving you with a healthy glow. Combine lemon and honey to help suppress coughs when you have a cold. Garlic has many healing properties; many believe the all natural cure should be taken several times a week to ward off disease. Eat garlic cloves daily when you have the flu to quickly feel relief.

Holistic Cures Quickly Relieve a Variety of Skin Conditions
Many holistic cures provide relief from itching discomfort caused by skin conditions and ailments. Use oatmeal in the tub (place in a cheesecloth bag to keep the oatmeal contained) to help soothe a rash like poison ivy. Apply witch hazel directly to rashes for fast itching relief. Home-brewed tea added to the bath helps soothe poison ivy, and dries out the rash. Toothpaste cools an insect bite and provides fast relief from itching. Aloe Vera is the king of alternative medicine remedies. Aloe quickly soothes a burn and promotes healing. Aloe also helps reduce irritation from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

In addition, natural herbal creams that can be applied topically can also get rid of/eliminate skin blemishes such as warts, moles, and skin tags. You may want to look into a product called Wart Mole Vanish. Wart Mole Vanish is a natural herbal topical cream that gets rid of warts and moles in about 20 minutes. There’s a bit of burning but nothing that is bothersome to adults. And I dont even notice a scar. For your education, Wart Mole Vanish contains the following ingredients: anacardium occidentale, ficus carica, chelidonium majus, citrus limon, de-ionized water and talc.

Beautifully Enhance Your Life with Holistic Cures
Holistic cures can enhance your life in many ways. No matter what your ailment or problem, there’s a cure to be found in your kitchen or garden. Apple cider vinegar helps clear up dandruff and also cleanses product build-up from your hair, making it clean and shiny. Follow with a cold water rinse. Natural lemon juice works wonders on acne when applied three times daily to affected areas. Lavender smells wonderful, easily thrives in a miniature garden, and when used as a compress or in the bath, this all natural cure can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Creating All Natural Cures for Everyday Use by Chris Walker of Stowe, Vermont

There are several ways to use herbs from the garden in all natural cures. Make a compress to ease headaches and other aches and pains. Dip a soft cloth into the herbs and water you’ve already combined and use the compress as needed until pain is relieved. Use your mortar and pestle to grind herbs and make powders; you can use the ground herbs in capsules if you need to take the alternative medicine remedy internally. A poultice is an all natural cure that helps relieve inflammation and sore muscles. Drain your warm herb solution and fill a cloth bag with the lump herbs; apply the poultice to affected areas as needed.

Tools of the Trade for All Natural Cures by Jeff Carter of Eugene, Oregon

There are a few pieces of equipment to have on hand for creating all natural cures. Keep them handy in the bathroom and the kitchen for early morning or late night herbal cure creations. A mortar and pestle is a necessary tool of the trade when you want to use all natural cures to promote healing. A mortar and pestle is a traditional tool used by pharmacists to mix medicines. When you use holistic cures in the home, a mortar and pestle comes in handy for crushing and mixing herbs to treat ailments. Have plenty of mixing bowls and mixing spoons on hand for combining all natural cures. This is a great way to unload old Tupperware®; many alternative medicine remedies will stain, so using recyclable equipment is a must. Cheesecloth is an excellent strainer and also works well for creating sachets to use in the bathtub.

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  • Doug Melvin of Boise Idaho
  • Chris Walker of Stowe, Vermont
  • Jeff Carter of Eugene, Oregon

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