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 Seems a new star is born … in France. Alizee is the new French  pop singing sensation who is quickly becoming known  internationally, thanks in part to the Internet. Her voice range is wide and her stage presence is Madonna-esque. Dressed in short dresses of soft colors, typically light blue or pink, she prances across the stage perfectly in sync with her supporting cast of dancers. She is young and pretty so exudes that energy that tantalizes and titillates audiences. Alizee is the protege of Mylene “Farmer” Gautier, a well-known, established and famed Quebec-born French singer.

Alizee Jacotey was born on the French island of Corsica in 1984. By age 4, she was already an established jazz, classical and tap dancer. In 1999, her life took a most serendipitous turn. She intended to audition in the dance contest on the popular French TV show “Graines de Star” but since those audition were reserved for groups she instead decided to audition in the singing category. Not only did she turn heads but she won the “Meilleure Graine” award for most promising young singing star of tomorrow.

That performance was seen by French pop diva Mylene Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, both of whom needed a fresh voice for their project. They selected Alizee and she became an overnight sensation.

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Alizee’s most popular single is still the first single she released, Moi .. Lolita. It became popular throughout most of Europe and East Asia. Part of Lolita’s character was that of seductress. Her second single, L’alize reached #1 in France. Both singles came from her debut album, called “Gourmandises” which translates to “sweets” in English. The album was written and composed by Farmer and Boutonnat and it sold over 800,000 copies in France alone, going Platinum in just 3 months. Alizee has sold over 4 million records worldwide.

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  • Shake
  • La Isla Bonita
  • Gourmandises Performance
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