A Unique San Francisco Photographer – Robin Ruth

Robin Ruth San Francisco and San Jose Photographer

Robin Ruth is a unique photographer. She’s been a San Francisco and San Jose photographer for over 20 years specializing in fine art portrait photography in color and black  and white formats. Her preferred medium is black anad white photography so that the authenticity and reliability of black and white darkroom printmaking can be retained. Color, she thinks, sometimes detracts from the subject’s subtle qualities, personality and soul.

Another reason Robin Ruth San Francisco and San Jose Photography stands out is its (her) commitment and dedication to the empowerment of women by assisting them in improving self-esteem. Her way of doing this, of course, is through the camera lens. So often over her last 20 years in the studio, she has consistently observed the spiritual instability of women when having their photographs taken and their reticence in hanging their photographs on the wall of their homes. Thus was born Ecofemography which basically gets women outdoors into nature when having their photographs taken. Once outdoors in a forest, in a quiet park or on a beach, women tend to relax and accept their bodies while in a non-judgmental space. Almost instantly, their body images improved.

Take a look at Robin’s photographs and decide for yourself if she can capture the essence of women, children, families, pregnant women, or adult portraits.

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