2008 Presidential Pledged Delegates and SuperDelegate Totals

Delegate totals are current as of the Puerto Rico primary held on June 1, 2008. The Republican nominee needs 1,191 delegates to be nominated and John McCain has already amassed that total. The Democratic nominee ONCE required 2,025 delegates to be nominated but that total changed after Michigan and Florida Democratic primary totals were re-distributed on Saturday, May 31, 2008. The Democratic nominee NOW NEEDS 93 additional delegates bringing the total to be nominated to 2,118 delegates.

Democrat Pledged Super Total To Win Republican Pledged Super Total To Win
Obama 1,765 389 2,154 Won McCain 1,371 133 1,504 Won
Clinton 1,637 282 1,919 x Huckabee 281 5 286 x
Edwards 4 0 4 x Romney 241 1 242 x
Paul 24 0 24 x

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  1. One problem with these numbers is they show that McCain has the nomination. Technically McCain hasn’t won the nomination. That doesn’t happen until the convention.

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